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FINALLLY WE HAVE SOME WAVES!!!! After a summer of terrible big waves we are finally starting to see some action. Today was the best and biggest day in at least a few months. A lot of backwash made it tough to ride but the guys were chargeing. The GOAT of Bodyboarding made an apperance Mike Stewart. Tanner McDaniel was giving flying lessons and Tyler Thornsely and more were making some awesome peak drops.

#thewedge #rawfootage #hugewaves #hurricane #Giantwaves #wedge #raw

Surfers include: Tyler Thornsley, Bobby Okvist and a lot more

Bodyboarders include: Mike Stewart, Tanner McDaniel, Craig Whetter, Cory Bolter, Derek Hameister and more.

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Desiree Diana says:

Thank you for posting this awesome video! Love every minute of it! Lots of talent out there!

Mateo Campos says:

i hope stay there..

9:30 says:

too many boogie boarders lmfao, so cringe

Nothen says:

tudo noob eu faco melhor

Tadd Ricketts says:

Have fun drowning…..but, you can't skateboard on Newport P.D.'s gang turf!!!!

Bart Martin says:

Brings back l the 70s and 80s surfing that crazy days Kmet rocks windsurfing was crazy

capt. i. eye says:

That dog acting like he got brokin legs…lil faker just aftaid to admit he too scurrrd to shred the wedge.

Lenir Marques Alves says:

🎉❤🎉Ai que sacanagem ninguém merece eu aqui com calor ventilador ligado vendo este vídeo com este mar imensso tanta água eu passando calor kkk aí meu que sacanagem 😅😅😅kk

Lenir Marques Alves says:

🎉❤🎉Tá tão bom de ver este vídeo com estes caras surfando que chega me dá uma sonera também vendo estas ondas.lindas maravilhosas eu aqui com este sofrendo com este calor terrível que esta fazendo aí ver está água deste imensso mar chego dormir sentada kkkkk😅

Rick Moore says:

How many people get decapitated a year?
This is why America is great!

Richard Perez says:

I love it there I have bodyboarded 35 ft waves during el nino it was awesome

Neil Samuelson says:

Those guys are getting pounded. All 50 of them. That would pound my old ass into the beach. What a way to go!!!

Keno Gster says:

I would go there on a Sunday with a cup of coffee, couple of donuts and watch the horror of it all.

1Thirty1 says:


Sky Marshall says:

I body surfed The Wedge several times in the 70s, in junior high. It was gnarly. If realized how dangerous it was, I might not have done it.

itssryan says:

Never get on the rocks at the wedge unless its low tide and the surf is low or your WILL get owned by those waves. otherwise have at it LOL

Brenden Harper says:


Kaspar says:

an old school friend was made a paraplegic right here in these conditions, right after graduation from high school. the wedge is no joke.

Matthew Wright says:

Hey does this beach still get blackballed at 10am?

DJ Savage says:

I’ve lived here my whole life only surface bought a couple of times. It’s a very short left barrel to a close out so I’d rather go to seal Beach and surf. The southside on a big swell. It’s not all closed out cleaner waves and brakes just like it does here. If not better.

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