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SUPreme 2mm Stacked 5 Finger Gloves, Black, Medium – Standup Paddleboarding, Kayaking & Water Sports

Cold hands can ruin a day on the water. SUPreme’s Stacked 5 finger gloves will keep your hands warm and comfortable. These gloves are manufactured using a special thermal bonded palm and finger treatment that sticks to paddle shafts like glue. You get maximum efficiency on every stroke without twisting that occurs with many other gloves. The ultra soft neoprene melts in your hands, which helps eliminate “arm pump” that is commonly associated with gloves made from stiffer materials.

Product Features

  • SUP GLOVES: Stacked 5 finger gloves cover and cushion you hands while providing maximum tactile contact with your paddle.
  • PROTECTION: Designed specifically for paddle sports, the padded synthetic palm provides the protection and comfort for a day of paddling.
  • DESIGN: Easy on/ easy off design and has an adjustable wrist cinch for the ultimate fit.
  • COLD WATER GLOVES: Uses a special thermal bonded palm and finger treatment to keep your hands warm in cold water conditions.

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