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Legendary Big Wave Surfer on Riding the World's Heaviest and Most Dangerous Wave

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Laird Hamilton, our next guest on the show, is a world-renowned big-wave surfer who has achieved incredible feats for riding the tallest, fastest, heaviest, and most dangerous waves ever surfed. In this episode, we get a glimpse into the life and journey of a pro surfer who walked amongst giants and could not keep himself away from the water. Shawn and Laird share many comparisons to what we call an ‘adrenaline junkie’ and discuss how Shawn’s background in the SEAL Teams and CIA compares to the life-and-death situations of Laird constantly chasing big waves.

Laird discusses his near-death experiences, reading waves, not conforming to the surfing norm, his accomplishments from JAWS to Teahupoo, biohacking, the company he started, Laird Superfood, and more. For those who don’t know, Shawn has officially partnered with Laird Superfood, and in this deep two-part series, you will see how Laird sources the finest ingredients at an affordable price so we all can reap the benefits.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Shawn Ryan Show says:

Watch the full two-part series now on Vigilance Elite Patreon for a toll of $5.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Alex S says:

I never thought a pro surfer would be a guest on the Shawn Ryan Show but now that ive watched this preview i am absolutely captivated. This may be a pivotable moment in this show expanding the guest list and making this a mainstream show for the masses

CliffordChase says:

Weirdly there is this need currently to rank women as part of the big wave conquerors. A woman at Nazrene Portugal, dropped (litterally) into a 80 ft wave. OBVIOUSLY , ABSOLUTELY SHE WENT STRAIGHT DOWN AND DID NOT RIDE ANY OF YHE WAVE FACE . NOT AT ALL . .. ZERO …
AND of course we are urged not to believe our own eyes…. it's STUPID !

Dalton Johnson says:

I love how your content is never redundant

SurfingKook says:

Laird wasn't the greatest skilled wise like a Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina or Andy Irons. But Laird pushed the limits to surfing big waves and inventing new types of surfing like tow-in and paddle boarding large waves. And for that, I would put Laird on the Mt Rushmore of surfing.

Al Electric says:

I grew up in a land locked state. Never surfed or even been in the pacific but always wanted to surf. Used to watch it on Wide World of Sports. Fascinating to ride a wave.

Lynn B says:

He’s the tony hawk of surfing

Yachtzeee says:

Absolutely love this man. Thank you for having him on!

Steve Massarone says:

Awsome stuff Laird is a real one for sure

Is what it is boy says:

its hilarious u had him on bruh haha

Xochipilli says:

Surfing is Life."" And Style is just a Option "

Alika Johnson says:


RaynS says:

I remember seeing him when I was younger, all I wanted to do was be in the water.

Connie says:

@Shawn Ryan Show It says in Rev there will be no more seas in heaven. Do you think it means there won't be an ocean in heaven?
I know it says the will be the River of Life.

Brian says:

“I think we have a lot in common.” Ok, Shawn.


Right on! 🤙

Mike Texas says:

Heaviest? Nazare has entered the chat..

A M says:

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Derek Warren says:

We call them Hammer divers. Send them down first

J W says:


For Your Health says:

I agree. There are many traditional men out here who place a great deal of stock in honor, respect and discipline. Not all, but many of us do our best to follow Christ teachings and what God has to say about living a righteous life.

David Wied💀 says:

This gunna be epic cant wait

Mike McCourt says:

Great teaser – you can see a lot of mutual respect for each other in that room

Himebaugh Chris says:

Who else did Crazy Shrugs to get a neck like Laird?

Julian Gonzalez says:

Cant wait. This guy is a big inspiration in my life. Not just the surfing but his attitude towards life. He was always looking for a different way to ride a wave or move through water….he questioned the status quo.

Anthony Edwards says:

If anyone deserves to write a book about their life, it’s Mr Hamilton. This is a person who came from nothing and turned his life around since he was a young man. All on his own. Major kudos to you and much respect in all that you have accomplished. Pretty remarkable since he really had no dad.

Golf Foxtrot Yankee says:

It’s about time this beast of a man has been invited to your show Shawn! This guy has been a hero of mine since I was a little kid in grade school. I’m 41 now and he still is a man to admire in my view. I’ve been patiently waiting too since you teamed up with him and his wife’s company.

seahawksphan says:

Love that guy

Amy S says:

Shawn Ryan is providing THE BEST content! I even let the much too long poop ad video play afterwards so he gets ad revenue 😂

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