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I think just about everybody has seen those pictures of surfers with Sharks in the wave just behind them, but have you see this one? It was sent in by Insanity gamer and claims to show a huge whale in the water just behind the surfer.

But is this picture of a big whale surfing a wave, real? Of is it fake?

I started looking around on the internet to see if there was anything out there covering whales and surfers on the same wave. There was a lot of pictures showing sharks, like bulls sharks, great white sharks, and sharks not even identified, but not much on whales, whether blue whales, sperm whales, or any other kind of whales.

But then I thought, I know what to do with this one – put it on my Facebook so my gang over there can take a look at this whale and surfer picture – and thanks to them, I now have this, the official answer!

Thanks to John Ochoa we learn that the whale in this picture is a Minke whale, which is one of the fastest swimming whales in the world. But Prom Sobunsak and Shelby Leanne both agreed that even a Minke whale is too big and heavy to surf a wave of that size. Now you may be able to argue that point with them, but you won’t be able to argue with Eli Ross who came up with the original picture of the surfer without the whale in the picture.

For some reason, the person who put the whale in, also reversed the original picture, but if we zoom in on the surfer, we see it is the same guy, on the same wave..

Ok well that’s all the time for this video. I want to thank Insanity gamer for sending in that picture and all my friends on facebook for finding the truth on this one… And hey if you want to join the fun over there, click on the link in the description to join the action! billschannel

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Mwongeli Matheka says:

im rong oh no

Mwongeli Matheka says:

i hope im right

Max Rank Zero says:


Pretty Girl says:

Fake bc it may be like a basking shark or something else like regular times

Richi LP says:

Its fake

Maner reggie Puyawan says:

Fakey fakey fake

PinkPlaysMC says:

i guess fake…? IDK

alan phan says:


Nicholas Nunez says:

I knew the picture was fake because that whale looked photo shopped

Corrie Jade Mullan says:

yaaaaàaaaaaaay I was rite

Corrie Jade Mullan says:

looks FAKE

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