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Lil Surfer with Raimana at Surf Ranch – Best Coach!

This lil dude getting some world class
Coaching lessons from
Raimana! What a fun trip to Surf Ranch. Tons of perfect waves and barrels to share.

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@cc16364 says:

Rapaz filho de rico aprende assim e com dois instrutores 😂😂😂, filho de pobre aprende na areia e depois vai pra água tomar caldo.😅

@woojtus says:

Where is that place? 😮
It's amazing!

@MDTRAIN says:

It almost looks real.

@missoula2213 says:

Surfing is one of those things I watch and can never tell how fast they are going. It looks like they're stationary and booking it at the same time.

@MissesD100 says:

I don’t even understand surfing and I was awestruck 😢😂

@iancole3455 says:

Woooow donde es eso?! El fondo del mar se ven de 2 colores y bien delineados

@HarijanaChinna says:


@LeHunkyDory says:

I have no idea about surfing but this is certainly a vibe!

@anildangi_412 says:


@frankarnwine says:

Absolute Cadillac as all get out

@sonderexpeditions says:

How cool is this

@JohnDoe-lk3oy says:

When guidance of a natural is used in the art of teaching. We have this

@George.Andrews. says:

The surfing is great. The "music" 🤢

@lynnlink4629 says:

Nurse: Great Coach for sure! Not a good knee exercise though for Hero Coach. 🤨

@Reynavaldez-fi5wr says:

Que magnífico trabajo las tomas esepcional 😮😊

@benkelley1147 says:

That’ll wave will be 75$ , thank you .

@teddydole7199 says:

Nice to see, how the hand of the father/instructor gives the young one such encouragement/security to rise and ride.. beautiful
Just like when We know that our father, our creator, is faithful, and He promised to His children's, that He will never leave us and never forsake us in this ride of our lives.

@loladelgado-crossman6514 says:

Who is the artist in the music?

@KeepItReal213 says:

Nice AI 🤣

@user-wb5bk3vw4f says:

Que ligar e ese por favor

@greensnakeintaipei says:

I haven't seen many people who can teach so well like him. He is such a legend!

@lylawilliams91 says:


@RichardWing4130 says:

Daaang. There's the next Bethany Hamilton. Keep up the good work.

@jayarenneilson6049 says:

started my day with this video

love it!

@yohannesmoges3735 says:

The camera man need raise

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