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Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

A year in review of Surfline’s series Greatest Wipeouts. From big wave total carnage to near-death experiences.

Watch every episode:

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Antonio Mesquita says:

Big Waves but nothing compare to Nazaré Portugal

Reps ForJesus says:

How do you handle a wipeout?

Cuan K says:

All the surfing in this vid rock! Big ups…

fnog9 says:

3:43 it seems like the lips of mavericks waves get more hang time than any other wave in the world. is there truth to that? that water takes a long time to fall. i mean, the wave at 5:32 is bigger than mavericks, but to me it seems the mavericks crash like no other,

VViperSniper says:

The biggest wave I've ever been into (Walked into) was about 4 feet. It wasn't very strong. I'm about 4'9. My friend saw 11 foot waves at thr Outer Banks but there was a syorm coming or wuteva..

Hineskitt Velvett says:

I didn't know Elissa Steamer surfed

TheRiffraff1968 says:

at 6.44 that is the heaviest thing ive ever seen hands down !

645 7425 says:

Holy Jesús

Nicky DeGirolamo Thank You AJ LEE I am a sasha banks namoi paige guy says:

6:00 only people with balls could surf a wave that big

Clint Ventriglia-Hill says:

You gotta have a couple screws loose to surf theses waves… just WOW

Ush Slime says:

How do they hold their breath for so long, like if it was me i was done for 10 sec
i wish i could be under water longer do you have any tips?

Nuck Chorris says:

They say "LIKE" so often xDD
"It was LIKE, you know, LIKE, the wave was LIKE, and i was LIKE, and the wave hit LIKE…

They may be good surfers, but their mind is like…you know, like…:D

kawika dav says:


Pedro Gordinho says:

I don't know if these guys are crazy, courageous or crazy courageous to surf these waves.

Pedro Gordinho says:

This may sound stupid but with such advanced technology that we have today, isn't there some kind of oxygen breading device, small enough to "attach" to the swimsuit ?. And Im not even talk about those suits that racing bikers are testing that when they fall, the suit inflates a protective "ballon" around the person. Probably waves like this would blow up the ballon but I think it could work.

Sonmi Norimitsuu says:

Me and my son are just about to get into surfing in the UK he is 11 and I am 42 🙂 can anyone give us some feed back with reference to us being safe and hints and tips, respect. mc=?

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