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Adrian Buchan Wins – Tahiti World Tour Event – August 2013 Surfing News

Surfing News – Tahiti World Tour Event – August 2013

This video is a summary of the Tahiti event from 2013.

Men’s World Tour Event (No. 6 of 10)
Teahupoo, Tahiti, French Polynesia
August 15th – August 26th, 2013

The waves ranged from 5-foot to 8-foot throughout the contest.

Ace Buchan won the 2013 Tahiti World Tour event! John John Florence pulled off some amazing moves in the contest as well. Learn a little bit about Tahiti and consider
Anthony Walshes wave knowledge in an interview from a boat in the channel.
Teahupoo has a dangerous drop-in characteristic to it. With good waves coming through, this event ended well before the August 26th, 2013 event-window limit.

This video includes an image of Adrian Buchan in a tight barrel too!

It was another great surfing event in Tahiti. Learn about Island surfing.

Video by Philip D.
Commentary by Philip Dominguez
Photos (Tahitian Dancers, Tahiti Point, Teahupoo Sign) by Philip Dominguez
Ace Buchan image provided by The Association of Surfing Professionals () to Trade Federation, Inc. for editorial purposes.
Video interview of Anthony Walsh, by GT, from website from the 2013 World Tour Event at Tahiti for editorial use.

Original Music by :
Nick Garcia / Funky Farm

Song Title:
Smokin’ Hot Mama

Produced by Trade Federation, Inc.
copyright all rights reserved 2013

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