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Zarautz – Dockstart Surf Foil is not a crime

It was my first experience in waves of this size. My speed was around 30 km/h. I learned that you shouldn’t have a fuselage that’s too short at this speed. We rode for about 4 hours in the morning and 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon. On the last run with the 1401, which was my last run of the afternoon, I was already very exhausted from my morning sessions. I’ve asked @BenjaminFriant to film me. A big thank you to him for capturing all these memories perfectly with the DJI Mini 4 Pro.

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@apricotscrub says:

Very innovative. I'm surprised you didn't stay on foil for hours on the 1401. How long can you pump the 960 in flat water?

@youdigsurf says:

Superbe, ça fait vraiment partie des objectifs qui donnent envie en dockstart ❤ partir en beachstart pour allez surfer des micro vagues aussi.

@gaeldaniele says:

goosebumps. this is a dream. so happy for you!

@FoilFanatic42 says:

This looks so fun…and amazing scenery!

@DmitryAvramenko says:

You blew my mind! Wow. What a perfect spot to combine both pump and surf foil.. is there also wind any rime of the year? Can kite foil or wing there?

@katrinkolo9503 says:

c'est de la méditation 😊 on oublie quel effort il faut pour réussir à cela. Deeply impressing !

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