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Youngest kid to surf Honolua Bay…Baby Steve Roberson 4 years old! Sept. 23rd 2012

1st swell of the year at Honolua Bay with 5 foot sets had Baby Steve 4 years old and his twin brothers Justin & Eric 6 years old nervous with excitement. Now their anxious for the next swell…

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RorBag says:

this is brilliant!

Theskatinglynx 10 says:

he is the best four year old surfer ever seen if your talking bad about him shut up you cant catch a six foot wave

Michael Cox says:

Damn there gonna pretty good surfers

Neat Pink Sheep says:

If my math is right, he should be 7 now. Does he still surf?

Neil Peresso says:

i typed kif ikun bis suf and this shi* showed up xD

squid patrol says:

he is good for his age

rublaj says:

Dude i will quit surfing!!! 7 feet at ipanema and I have second thoughts!!!

lost619 says:

Hes so adorable!!!!

chida ching says:

Ho this kid is amazing

Justin Williams-Giroux says:

My parents would say if you break a bone your paying the copay for the hospital bill hahaha

luke mccartney says:

next is pipe

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