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Yak Gear ELC Three Leash Combination

Never lose a fishing pole or paddle with the Yak Gear Three Leash Combination Pack. Perfect for the well prepared paddle sport angler, this combination pack covers all your bases by offering security for two fishing poles and one paddle. Double braided for extra strength, the nonabsorbent Yak Gear FISH n POLE Leash provides the ultimate peace of mind in guaranteeing that the expensive rod and reel return to shore every time. The boat-side of the.7 ounce, 32-inch leash quickly connects to a pad eye or accessible seat strap with the carabineer or by threading the loop through. The connection to the fishing pole is through the use of the ultra tight Velcro strap slipped over the butt of the fishing pole, just below the trigger of the reel. You catch the fish, we will catch the pole. Also, keep your paddle secure while paddling with the Yak Gear Basic Paddle Leash. This half ounce, 40-inch leash features a carabineer on one end and a Velcro strap on the other for maximum connection possibilities to your kayak or canoe, while maintaining unrestricted paddle movement. Perfect for one or two piece paddles, the boat-side of the leash quickly connects to a pad eye or accessible seat strap with the carabineer or by threading the loop through a pad eye or any accessible seat strap.

Product Features

  • Made from 3/16-Inch nylon bungee
  • 40-Inch paddle leash with a 32-Inch nylon braided fishing pole leash
  • Carabineer and ultra-tight Velcro strap included
  • Instructions included
  • Fishing pole and paddle not included

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Anonymous says:

I lost one pole due to the velcoro TINY straps that attach the STRONG chord to the pole coming off. When My boat filled with water and tipped over, one paddle and one pole were saved due to these straps. Although, my 2nd pole was nearly lost as the carribeaner was half way broken by the time I made it back to shore (30 minutes later).I nearly lost two poles and saved one paddle. The velcro made for the paddle is sturdy, I trust it over the tiny velcro made for the pole.Beware…

Anonymous says:

Could be great if the gate reseated properly after opening. Seems like every time I would open the gate to attach or remove a bungie from my kayak it would not seat properly on the frame. One time I did not notice and the carabiner came free from the kayak, luckily my pole was in my hand and not in the water at the time! A little better quality on the carabiner would be nice, but its still better than not having anything to keep your pole/paddle/net from sinking or floating away should you…

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