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WSL Big Wave At Large is a new series that tracks swells and deploys strike teams into the eye of the storm to capture the best big wave surfers as they put it all on the line. For our first episode, we followed a collection of heavy-water elites as they descended on Pe’ahi, Maui, for two back-to-back swells in January 2020. Our camera crew was there to document every moment of this mission.

Witness Jaws in all its power.

This video features surfing from Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh, Billy Kemper, Paige Alms, Nathan Florence, Keala Kennelly, Adriano De Souza, Bianca Valenti, and Matahi Drollet


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Lachlan Hull says:

Billy Kemper wave of the year

Shaun Hurley says:

Years of training and prepping and you work into it…gradually. Even still, you really must want it and getting hooked on the fear and adrenaline rush helps propel you to keep coming back for more. Certainly equipment, vests, safety water craft and breath hold techniques make it easier and safer. The end of the road is aging and injuries. Over 60 and the cost benefit must be given strong consideration. Lopez, Kong, Cabel, Titus and most cut back on charging heavy water well before that age.

Phil Lyell says:

Interesting video, I would have enjoyed it more, if it didn’t jump around so much and showed more surfing footage for longer periods, instead of 5 to 10 second clips.

ragusajr100 says:

"It's glassy Jaws, it is unheard of….

ragusajr100 says:

It's not just the height of the wave at Jaws, it is the volume of water behind it.

Daniel Lee says:


Tyler Olson says:

Seeing jaws for the first time in my life was unforgettable to be in the water out there has gotta be the best rush in the world in one word it’s “violence”

Stanley Friedrich says:

so shit holy fuck and the death metal needs to go

Johnny Rigsby says:

Nicely done with some impressive big wave days!

David James says:

Too much shit commentary.

GERMIX27 says:

Kai is a Legend !!!!

michael villagomez says:

It would be my dream come true to be able to train and dedicate my life to surf Peahi.

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