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Worst Wipeouts Billabong XXL 2014 – Big Wave Fails

In contention for the famed XXL Wipeout of the Year honors are five surfers at three notorious big wave breaks scattered around the world. Among this year’s candidates are Shawn Dollar and Alex Martins who suffered spectacular malfunctions at their home break of Maverick’s in Northern California, along with French Polynesian Alain Riou and Hawaiian Koa Rothman, who both went end-over-end at Teahupoo, Tahiti. Rounding out the top five is Australian Jamie Mitchell – who parted ways with his surfboard during a try at what was probably the biggest paddle-in wave ever attempted in the history of the sport at Belharra Reef, France.

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djplainview says:

I get that big-wave surfers do a ton of preparation before even getting into the ocean, in terms of improving their ability to hold their breath for long amounts of time. But what I still don't understand is that on some of these knockdowns — if this happened to a normal human being, that is — you would get the wind knocked out of you right away, at pretty much the moment you make that initial, severe impact with the wave (the first wipeout from Teahupoo on this reel, for example). If you get the wind knocked out of you right away, and have a split second before you are thrown way under, how do big-wave surfers survive such long hold-downs? Is that split second inhale all they need to be able to survive so much time getting tossed around underwater?

Paris Thomason says:

"somebody just got pulverized"

APEtv (OFFICIAL) says:

mavericks looks like 1 big dumper

ken martell says:

This sucks …there would be plenty of fresh footage. Three weeks of twenty foot plus surf here in Hawaii but the winds have been shit ..we need the trades back please

dacid kapura says:

real men surf at  nazare, portugal

Jet Nassar says:

compared to everything else big wave surfing is just surviving and it hurts when you wipe out it really more like lets see if i get hurt or not

Hiromitsu Morisawa says:


Paul O'Reilly says:

How do they survive ? experience and training or they wouldn't make it surely.

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