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Worst Wipeouts! Billabong XXL 2013 Epic Fails

The Billabong XXL panel narrowed down the best wipeouts of the 2012 big wave surfing season. Watch as Brett Burcher, Joao de Macedo, Tom Dosland, Axi Muniain and Chris Shanahan (winner) get rocked by some of the biggest waves in the world!

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Click to see the results and the photo gallery from the 2013 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards:


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Dave Durso says:

Wow you are awesome do more videos like that

Thomas The Dank Engine says:

how much does that hurt?

R0L4X says:

How is it possible that they don't drown?

Colton H says:

I've never surfed in my life, but I have been in the wave pools at water parks and going to the deep ends of those is a little sketchy for me, fuck this shit.

Martin Pozzi says:

you get a lil dizzy after dat eh?

WWE On Trampoline says:

Just ride a bogey board on your belly like I do

etherform66 says:

she takes no prisioners

OccupationSurfer says:

Pretty nice!

Paul Hetherington says:

Man that last guy had no damn clue — how too surf that wave.

Majellan Devin says:

@ 0:47, I thought that would win with that pretty epic back flip and everything, but then I saw the one directly after it @ 1:03  and was like hooooly f**kin sh*tballzzzz!!

Clair Babinski says:

Hurts just watching this…

Lucy Escarzaga says:

how come they glide on the water before going under? like at 00:56..

tryptala says:

What??? They meant to do that.

tryptala says:

The first and the last one look like the same day, same spot, and same cameraman in the water.

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