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Worst Surfing Wipeouts Ever (Part 1)

Compilation of the greatest worst surfing wipeouts ever caught on tape.

Most surfing wipeouts are hardly extraordinary, or even dangerous. Nine times out of ten, a wipeout is more akin to launching a flying squirrel off the diving board than, say, plunging backwards from the coping of an eight foot half-pipe while skateboarding. After all, it’s only water, right?

Let’s not forget about the one time out of ten. It’s the terrifying moment that leaves us wondering how we ever got talked into this surfing thing in the first place, and although it is indeed rare, it’s also unavoidable. Going face-first into the reef, taking a 10-wave set on the head, getting rag-dolled beneath a malevolent closeout – these are a surfer’s true test of strength, skill, and will-power. Biggest waves ever surfed. riding giants, full movie, rip fallen surfers.

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Shawn Dollar Alex Martins Jamie MItchell Alain Riou Koa Rothman Al Mennie Andy Irons Anthony Tashnick Ben Wilkinson Bob Pike Brock Little Buzzy Trent Carlos Burle Chris Bertish Danilo Couto Darrick Doerner Darryl Virostko Dave Kalama Dave Wassel Eddie Aikau Frank Solomon Gabriel Villaran Garrett McNamara George Downing Brad Gerlach Gerry Lopez Grant Twiggy Baker Grant Washburn Greg Long Greg Noll Ian Walsh Jamie Sterling Jay Moriarty Jeff Clark Jeff Rowley Jose Angel João de Macedo Kai Barger Keala Kennely Ken Bradshaw Ken Colllins Koby Abberton Kohl Christensen Laird Hamilton Laurie Towner Mark Foo Mark Healey Mark Mathews Mark Visser Maya Gabeira Mike Parsons Nathan Fletcher Pat Curren Peter Mel Ramon Navarro Richie Fitzgerald Ross Clarke-Jones Shane Dorian Sion Milosky Zach Wormhoudt Donnie Solomon Todd Chesser Malik Joyeux Peter Davi

Maverick’s, California
Belharra reef, France
Teahupoo, Tahiti
Jaws Peahi, Hawaii
Banzai Pipeline, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Ghost Trees, Pebble Beach in Northern California, USA
Waimea, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Shipstern Bluff, south end of the island of Tasmania
Dungeons, South African coast near Hout Bay, Cape Town
Cyclops, Esperance coast in Western Australia
Ours, New South Wales, Australia
New Smyrna, Florida, great white shark attack.

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kawika dav says:

Twisted bodies and broken boards……

tasmand wd says:

when you get wiped out by a monster wave how long does it take before you can breathe again 30 minute??

Jose luis Fragoso says:

are those people alive?

Mihai Petre says:

2:20 the moment he realize he is friendzoned

JammyBantam says:

2:16 fuck that looked heavy

Hobbez says:

0:36 "just keep swimming… just keep swimming…f***, f***, F***!"

andritti says:

When you play with fir…. i mean water!!!

Philip Taylor says:

Did it deadeddedededed?!?!?!?

Keone Licciardi says:

They could killed their self's! Crap

semiliob says:



Mostafa 20 says:

Isn't it dangerous???????

David González says:

espero q estén vivos

John Coontas says:

Good grief.

ostreds says:

i feel 'crushed' when a 5 footer crashes on me during a day at the beach..damn.

Gad Benett says:

Why worst they failed not every one is perfect

James Atkins says:

Some brave men had to have died in some of these clips..

Willistheboss20 says:

At 1:16 OHHH shiiiiiit did u see that face plant? Lol

SimcoeAce says:

Has anyone EVER made Shipsterns?! That's not a wave – it's an obstacle course.

Wade H says:

Trying to go left at the right, what a dumb arse

john Duggan says:

2:21 jesus on ice skates that's dirty

benchaffleck says:

Shipstern's looks too gnarly to ride. It's all mutated with lumps, and waves within waves.

JPLMONEY23 says:

Nothing to be ashamed for this surfers……everyone fall but how will you move on and learn is completely up to you.

milkmandan77 says:

That Shipstern wave has fail written all over it.

youbigtubership says:

There are some ugly-looking waves rising there, just cruel.

SakurabaStyle39 says:

Oh my god

thedownhillerboy says:

Great video,I sure felt the pain as well.

Marcos Andrade says:

Puta que pariu!!!!

TheNightster07 says:

No thanks.

TheMickswift says:

1:03 is the worst one, for me.

Wtf that guy tried to do? Straight ahead on teahuppo? LOL

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