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Worst Big Wave Surf Wipeouts Ever

Biggest worst and most dangerous wipeouts ever in big wave surfing.

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Ben Rosenberg says:

holy shit 4:02 does anyone know if that guy was ok?

chanctonbury63 says:

2.03    that was DECISIVE.

Lindsay Kay says:

Do I spot Wedge in some of these?

Nikos Patsios says:

Jay Moriarity did the worst wipeout at 4:07 #LiveLikeJay

Paul Francis says:

Mindblowing everyday deep sea immersions!!

CagedBird says:

this is so painful to watch, but i can't stop

pieter510 says:

live like jay

axeaboutme7 says:

4:40 koby abberton was the worst. He was so deep!!! Omfg

TheZacdes says:

Ohhh..Farrrk!!! OUCH,lol. Only a surfer knows the feeling:)…Funny how its funny when its someone else,lol

Jamie Travis says:

a surfer did a backflip cool

Daniel asd says:

lol , amateurs

raywagman says:

I saw Jay in there

Walter Lampe says:

3.40–wheres that?

CGNinja352 says:

a lot of these were little pussy waves

Jono Edwards says:

I have a Hemorrhoid.
Great how we can have a beer an laugh after a near death moment in da waves.
Not so funny when it happens to us on land for some reason?
Great post thanks.

Bert Nunyabusiness says:

My own biggest wipeout was surfing Ditch Plains in Montauk day after a hurricane. 12' solid. Took the second wave of a 6-8 wave set. Saw my buddies in the channel and thought I could cut over to them. Boy was I wrong. Took the next four waves on the head. Would not have been so bad had I not been wearing a 5 mill suit. Blacked out under water, came to and took me nearly 30 minutes to swim to shore. Never took on surf that large again. Respect the ocean! 

Gareth David says:

the first one would haunt you for life

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