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World's Biggest Waves Ever Surfed?

Please note: This is not my film. I have simply edited out some of my favorite scenes and a song for your enjoyment.

Song is ‘Jumper’ by ‘Hardwell and W&W’
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Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle surfed an estimated 100-foot wave off the coast of Nazare Portugal, possibly making him the new WORLD RECORD holder for largest wave ever surfed. This wave does appear to be larger than the 78-footer Hawaii surfer Garrett McNamara rode at the same location back in 2011, but may not be a full 22 feet higher. Let’s wait for the Billabong XXL authorities’ response before we call it a “100-footer.”

Either way, all of the surfer’s featured in this video are demonstrating what astonishing feats human beings are capable of achieving – surfing rogue waves for example.

The enormous wave Burle caught was caused by a combination of two things: the regions geography, and the extreme weather produced by St Jude’s Atlantic storm. These waves are famed for being the largest in the world and surfers from all over congregate there to brave the swells together.

There is a 125 mile long underwater canyon that leads from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to less than half a mile from the coast line. This ravine is more than 3 miles deep and the currents running through it combine with swells produced by Atlantic winds to create massive waves. As the canyon narrows these waves converge and spill over to the shallow water just off the coast. And that’s where these daredevil’s await on their jet ski’s and surf boards for their chance to catch one.

Most who see these videos and watch as the water rises, and rises…and rises until it’s over eight stories tall towering above a tiny man or woman on a board, believe it’s impossible for the surfer to ride out the wave and survive. Or they simply call the person crazy or the video a fake. This video, however, is not fake.

I believe that this is our true nature as humans and that we are designed to achieve courageous acts, such as catching freakishly huge waves, yet more often than not we simply choose to ignore these abilities. And as a surfer, I believe there’s nothing more fun than catching a wave – even the much smaller ones. Once you learn how to balance on a board and trust in your own abilities even the scariest waves become playmates.

Kudos to Carlos Burle, Garrett McNamara, and all the other surfers who demonstrate these abilities!

…and as if this wasn’t already amazing enough, Burle saved a fellow surfer that same day after emergency workers failed to grab her from the waves. By jumping back into the dangerous water he pulled her to the shore, performed cpr and saved her life. That’s true courage!

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TheGamerTutorial Kiddo says:

The one at the end of the video was a dangerous huge wave.

Eddie B. says:

San Clemente Ca. has BIGGER waves than this !

EX8 F22 says:

"Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean."
-Christopher Reeve

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