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Womens Surfing Yoga Diving Elastic Legging Swim Tights Swimming Pants Floral Black Asian L = US M

Professional quality:

As swim lovers ourselves, Cokar is clear about the high requirement of swimming enthusiasts. We select the finest material at the very beginning. Our mission is to provide absolute comfort and freedom for swimming.

Every swimwear in our store is produced only after hundreds testing. We continue to improve each swimwear, to offer the best support and comfort feeling for every swimming enthusiast.

Customer service:

Send us an email if you have any problem making your purchase.

Our professional customer service team will solve any problem you meet and promise a satisfied shopping experience for you.

Customer satisfaction is our NO. 1 priority

Product Features

  • Material: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • 50+SPF/UPF sun protection
  • Comfort touching: selected materials quick drying, and breathable
  • Slim-fit: exquisite design offer perfect shaping and support
  • Free movement: excellent stretch and perfect shape recovery, free in water

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S. W. Underwood says:

Overall acceptable product, considering that it’s made in China. Okay, where to begin. I have very pale skin that burns easily, so need UV/SPF 50+ to prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Are these SPF 50+? Who knows. The company says so in the item description, however the product does not have any tag mentioning SPF certification, unlike other products I have bought, nor does the fabric feel like other UV protective fabric I have bought. This garment was made in China, and I have no idea if there are any regulations for claiming that a fabric has a…

Michele Berg says:

If you need to prevent sunburn, these pants are awesome I bought these leggings because I spent two months doing work in a country near the equator, and during my off-hours, spent my time scuba diving. Despite using sunscreen as often as I could, I was still getting sunburned. I ordered these and had a visiting friend bring them down for me. I didn’t get sunburned once while wearing them, despite many hours in the sun.I ordered the black ones with the floral print on the inside of the leg, because they were the only ones that were…

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