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Will Olympic Surfing Ruin Tahiti's Infamous Wave?

Known by many names, including the Wall of Skulls, the iconic and sometimes deadly wave just off the coast of Teahupo’o, Tahititi is the stuff of surfing legend. And for 4 days this summer, it will be the venue for surfing events during the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

But many are worried about the coming human tsunami and the effect the Games will have on the reef break just off the coast of the island. Despite protests, a petition and desperate pleas from locals, Olympic organizers replaced a temporary wooden judging tower with a much bigger aluminum one that was drilled directly into the coral. During construction, a barge used by workers assembling the tower also damaged coral at the site.

On this episode, we’re exploring the controversy at Teahupo’o and the future of surfing.

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