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What A Tsunami Looks Like Underwater #interesting


@boxsterman77 says:

I have no doubt that the footage is real, but something doesn’t seem right.

@phillyphill512 says:

Scuba diving clip is fake.

@kengkitkatanyu7852 says:

My mom worked for the 2004 tsunami idk if my mom work for charity

@Thegr8wario says:


@iconicarchist says:

The scary sounds :
Me : oh my god, OH mY gOd

@georgemills1014 says:

This looks like such bullshit how you all buying this 😂 so all of the other divers are rolling all over the shop but the camera man is fine 😂

@rboothy9795 says:

If they are still alive they are extremely lucky that could of easily ripped you apart don’t underestimate the force of a tsunami

@freddieXlemon says:

in thailand i was underwater a huge wave came crashing and i fell on rocks almost drowning and it was very scary, dont reccomend staying underwater

@Itwontfitn says:

I can't even watch that. Omg

@christinagraves6731 says:

In 2004 And 7.7 Tsunami

@omg_its_you says:

They have the spinning emoji in evade

@RichardPetrocelli-cd3yu says:

That’s not at all what that looks like.

@ipaul70 says:

And the camera stayed upright and stable. Yeah.

@VinZzZ__o4 says:

Thanks sir, calculus is ❤️

@hguach says:

I'm watching this on my phone & my ass forgot which way was up…

@ENDI8089 says:

Earthquake underwatee

@dawnpage6830 says:

Song: the fog is coming

@Xxpreppyxx1 says:

Camera man:
Wow 🤩 Tsunami let’s record HEHE 🎉 😉 😊

@be83roblox says:

Gd tidal wave

@maze098 says:

Santa ain't laughing

@Imso_Random says:

Good things the Tsunami didn't bring a baak

@honeytherian9334 says:

imagine ur just casually scuba diving and swim up to surface but it takes way longer and you realize smth is wrong.

@patriciasadri2328 says:

That's so terrifying

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