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Wetsuit Durable Hanger for Proper Storage Scuba Diving Dive Surfing Surf Gear, Black

Product Features

  • Wetsuit Durable Hanger for Proper Storage
  • Great for any water sports gear
  • Surfing, Scuba Diving, etc
  • Durable Construction – Rugged
  • Ideal for Hanging ANY Wetsuit for PROPER storage

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Ron Leversee says:

Just what I needed!!

Anonymous says:

First off,’s search page product photo shows the INCORRECT product photo. The real ISC Girder BCD/wetsuit hanger is the one with the air flow holes in the frame, below the hanger hook.Although this is a “wetsuit hanger”, I bought one to use as a storage hanger for my weighted exercise vest. So far, this hanger has worked flawlessly for my needs. It can hold my 25lb. weighted vest without any problems – it should work well for any type of wetsuit as well. Seems like it…

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