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Wetsuit – Dry Suit – Lycra Full Body Diving Suit & Sports Skins for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Spearfishing – Ivation

Explore the depths of marine wonder!
Ivation is proud to present this advanced dual-layer neoprene wetsuit. Designed for everything from deep-water diving to sports activities in the harshest environments, the full-body skin adds a layer of exceptional protection and comfort for all adventures. The base layer suit is ideal for blocking out the sun’s harsh UV rays, so you can scuba dive and snorkel for hours without risking a dangerous burn. The premium neoprene layer optimizes flexibility and movement, and its perfectly contoured fit reduces drag when underwater.

Superior Layered Protection
The full-body design perfectly complements your other underwater protective gear, optimizing performance in diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and more. The base layer protects you from jellyfish, sea lice, and other deep-sea parasites.

Full UV Spectrum Protection
Underwater and above it, the complete body coverage provides you with a reliable defense against the sun’s deadly rays. In colder conditions, the base layer adds additional warmth to keep your body temperature in performance range.

Peak Comfort & Perfect Fit
The suit’s nylon (80%) and spandex (20%) material blend makes for a soft, stretchy feel that won’t irritate your skin like other form-fitting suits. At the bottom, stirrups wrap your feet to ensure that the suit’s legs don’t bunch up while you’re active.

Glide-On & Glide-On Ease
While the skin fits like a glove, it features a full-length front zipper that’s ideal for quick changing. The material’s flexibility also helps. Best of all, the base layer’s smooth, seamless finish makes it easier to slip your wetsuit layer on top in seconds.

Improved Movement Range
Have other wetsuits made you feel like you were in a straightjacket? Then you’ll love the freedom of movement and unequaled range of motion made possible by our wetsuit.

Product Features

  • Base Layer Protects Against Cold Temperatures & Pests Like Jellyfish & Sea Lice
  • 80% Nylon/20% Spandex Blend Makes it Easy to Slip on Neoprene Wetsuit Layer
  • Full-Body Coverage Design Provides Reliable UV Protection to Minimize Sunburn
  • Long Front Zipper for Quick & Effortless Changing; Stirrups Keep Legs from Rising
  • Perfect Form Fit Enhances Range of Motion & Supports Movement Underwater

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Claire Jordan says:

Excellent sun protection, but it’s not a wetsuit… Think of this as a long sleeve, long legged swimsuit. These lycra suits are excellent for shielding you from the sun when you’re snorkeling all afternoon (I don’t care how “waterproof” a sunscreen says it is, it’s not going to protect you if you’re in the water for more than a few minutes.) These are also great to wear if you’re taking surfing lessons, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, or even sailing. It’s lightweight and comfortable and it gives everywhere so you never have to…

daven1026 says:

This is a nice quality lycra bodysuit – if you are thinking wetsuit … This is a nice quality lycra bodysuit – if you are thinking wetsuit look elsewhere. It has a nice quality zipper and feels well made. Great for modesty but does not hide any figure flaws. I usually wear size 4 in pants and tops and found the small to fit good all over, but the arms were noticeably tight. I ended up returning it because I was thinking I might wear it to water aerobics when it’s cold outside, but once I got it I thought it looked more like something that belongs at the beach…

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