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Waterproof Dry Bags – Floating Compression Stuff Sacks Gear Backpacks for Fishing Boating Kayaking Canoeing Snowboarding – Free Universal Water Proof Phone Case and Pocket Tool (Dark Blue, 5L)

Are you looking for the Most Lightweight, Durable and Portable Dry Bag with Unbeatable Price? Here you go!!

Infityle Dry Bag & smart phone Case creates a perfect combination of waterproof bags for any adventurer, it’s soft, flexible & strong, even in the harshest of conditions, whether you are in the freezing conditions of Alaska or in a desert keeping the dust out! Thermo welding technology ensures the strong seams are watertight. Reinforced construction at all stress points, make it even tougher!
Needn’t worry about your gear, its taken care of. Both are the very highest quality, New Dry bags are also the perfect size for a day of adventure, able to store all your days gear safely & not too heavy to hold you back! Multifuctional card tool is a necessary outdoor gear as a plus bonus.

Dry Bag dimension:
5L: 16.5 x 12.5 inches; 10L: 22 x 12 inches; 20L: 24 x 17 inches.

Extra Bonus for each size Dry bag:
1 X Waterproof cellphone bag : 4.5 x 7.8 inches.
1 X 11-IN-1 multifuctional card tool : 2.8 x 1.8 inches.

Friendly reminder:

Dry bag – To ensure a watertight seal, tightly roll down the top of the bag a minimum of 3-4 times & connect the buckle.
Phone case- Please check the clip & opening of the bag each time you use it for damage.


No Risk Hassle Free 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you are not happyfor any reason, please contact us for a no questions asked refund.

Click “ADD TO CART” in the top right hand corner of the listing & get your brand new Infityle Dry Bag & Phone case while stocks last!

Infityle outdoor gear,Travel anywhere with you.

Product Features

  • KEEP YOUR ITEMS DRY AND PROTECTED : Waterproof bags Provide protection for your phones, camera, clothes, and documents from Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DRY BAGS : Waterproof dry bag sacks offer proven protection for everything from river running to motorcycle touring; Suitable for quick submersion, protects valuables from dirt, dust, sand and water
  • LONG SHOULDER STRAP : Dry sacks come with an Extra Long Removable & Adjustable Shoulder Sling,easy to carry & will comfortably fit all body types
  • SELECTED 2 FREE BONUS: 6.99USD water proof phone bag fits & works superbly with all large and small smart phones with waterproofing quality you can depend on,3.99USD Multifuctional card tool is a necessary outdoor and fishing gears.NOW both are FREE BONUS for promotion
  • 100% FREE TRIAL! -Order now and if you dislike it within 90 days, we will buy back from you, 100% RISK FREE! You have nothing to lose or risk by testing out our dry bag! You CAN’T beat this deal anywhere else! What are you waiting for?

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Erin says:

Keeping things Dry Keeping things dry! This bag can travel with you anywhere and keep important items dry! My husband was very excited to get this bag as he likes to have things ready to use and place in his “go” bag. The bag is colorful and structurally sound. One thing to keep in mind is before you unroll it, you may want to dry it off, as tiny droplets can get into the bag upon unrolling. As far as keeping items dry it can be fully submersed (which has to be…

D. Hewer says:

Nice for Travel and for the Beach I got this Infityle Dry Bag to take on my trip to Costa Rica. I want something to protect my belongings during the excursions on my tour. We will be on some boat tours as well as waterfall hikes. The bag folds up flat for packing in my suitcase, but fills out nicely with a towel and my gear for the day – like sunglasses, my ID, my cell phone, and other items I would be carrying around. The bag has a strap that allows me to wear it cross-body style as I hike. I will also use the bag to keep sand…

Michelle F. says:

Camping ready! I am super excited to have this bag! My husband and I love to camp and have been looking for something to keep out valuables dry. This is a perfect bag! It is air tight and promises to keep things dry. It is a good size too! My husband and I have a hard time leaving our phone behind. In this day and age one never knows when you will need to call for help… or get a once in a life time photo opportunity. We don’t really believe in purchasing insurance for our phone… shouldn’t need it if…

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