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Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag 30L (White with Black). Protects Your Gear From Water and Dirt While You Have Fun. Beach, Kayak, Paddle Board, Camping, Sailing and Skiing.

Almost all of us take part is some kind of water based activity these days. If you are one of us, one of the biggest challenges you will face in these situations is how to keep things dry! Hence the huge growth in demand for waterproof back packs and dry bags that can cater for a wide range of situations. When you buy a waterproof backpack you will want one that is guaranteed to keep your clothes and valuables dry. This includes phones, cameras, documents, food and equipment. When we designed the 30L SKORCH waterproof backpack we selected the most appropriate size for the widest range of activities. We also selected the material which offers you the best combination of water proofing, light weight, and great looks. As well as looking fantastic now the SKORCH bag is easy to wipe clean and will continue to look great for years to come. We are happy to offer it at a special price because we know that when you receive yours, you’ll want to order more for all your friends and family too.

Product Features

  • WATERPROOF Backpacks – Ideal for the watersports and wintersports adventurer. Sail, paddle, snowboard, ski, surf, kayak, canoe, gym. You have fun and we’ll protect your gear from water and dirt. Be the envy of your friends with this stunning white waterproof backpack. Designed for both men and women. Keeps clothes, cameras, phone and other possessions dry in all conditions or if the bag falls overboard. The contents will not get wet. Always test before use.
  • MOST POPULAR SIZE – With a capacity of 30L these backpacks are big enough to hold your essentials but not so big that it is too heavy for your shoulders. The padded shoulder straps will give you added comfort when you do fill it with your heavier possessions.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL & LOOKS GREAT – Made of durable UPVC material this bag is built to last and worthy of our quality SKORCH branding. Note: This dry bag is not intended to be fully submerged. Ideal for sports, outdoors, winter sports, water sports, hunting, fishing leisure and recreation and storing your accessories
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Because this bag is sealed with a fully waterproof skin, you’ll find it really simple to clean. It will continue to look smart for many years to come. Simply wipe of any mud or marks with a damp cloth.
  • FLEXIBLE – Waterproof Dry Bags Back Pack. Ideal for Beach, Camping, Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking, Skiing, Jet Ski, Swimming, Paddle Board, Boating, Cycling. Could be the ideal gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s strong enough to act as a work or school bag to carry books, laptop and folders. It’s even been used a waterproof motorcycle backpack. May qualify for free shipping. Related topics: sacks, water proof, phone case, adventure, hunting, camera, sack, compression, sports, duffel, clothing, high quality, float, day, lightweight, white, fishing, packs, black, & scuba, pouch, towel, hiking, kayak, straps, journey, goggle, mask, snorkel, fins, tarp, rafting, floats, fully, phones, lighters, camping, protection, travel, pouches, snowboarding, ski, best

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Boris Alves says:

Perfect Dry Bag for Sailing Activity I purchased this product for sailing on my trimaran and keeping my clothes and electronics dry. While sailing there is always water splash and the occasional water inside the small cabin. I trailer my boat in, so the bag needs to handle moving around and be dropped on different hard and dirty surfaces as i rig the boat. Another requirement are small walks. This bag perform well for all functions mentioned. I am very happy with it. I got the white bag and was worried about stains, but it clean…

Addicted Shopper says:

This bag is huge! This bag is huge! It is 30L. My daughter is using this for swim team. She passed down a different bag that was 25L. I didn’t realize how much space 30L was, because this seems so much bigger. She can even fit her flippers inside as well as towel, swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, and all her bathroom products. I like that it is a back pack because then she can wear this and not hurt her back as much. All that stuff in her bag can get really heavy.A waterproof bag is a must for swim team, So…

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