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Watch This Surfer's INSANE Big Wave Surfing Wipeout! #shorts


Night Rider says:

We used to call that getting snaked

John-Paul B says:

lucky he didnt fall on the other guy

Thomas Krebs says:

the smaller surfer paddled towards (foam) the wave, turned around and went for the wave without seeing the other surfer.

Wake Up America says:

Back doored him…

Matt Skroski says:

party foul!

Solomon Schneider says:

Does he consciously bail to avoid colliding with the guy he's burning, split second as soon as he sees him? From straight above, probably knowing exactly how the wave will throw him, more or less? Wedge flow is so next level like this I want nothing to do with it ever!

Cliff Allstadt says:


Sher1ock says:

That guy snaked him!! 😂

Rod R. says:

Mi más grande respeto, se necesita muchas agallas y buenos pulmones para aguantar las revolcadas.

Rossco- DPS says:

There is not enough footage here to see the real picture…as in what happened just prior to this clip. Looks like job on the inside. Looks like the smaller dude had no idea he was there until the last second. Looks like he honoured the code, bailed and ate shit.
If I was to go out on a limb: I'd say that young mate was already paddling into it when the celebrity swung round and snaked him. I guess when you make a living from videoing every wave you catch, and you are heralded as a (fading) legend at your home break, and you're struggling to stay relevant as the young lions move up on you, and milking every last cent from it while you still can before your body gives out, the rules go out the window and you behave like an asshole even when it's not your home break.
That is if I was to go out on a limb. 😂

DiegoMoraisSurf says:


Noah Razali says:

Perfect entry vs bad entry

riovista44 says:

Back paddles a dude and then blows it. What a douche.

Haroun says:

Looks like he got snaked

Rick Gutierrez says:


Luis Beltran says:

Love the sound of the breaks .
So powerful

asmr by nature says:

Ahh hope he's ok falling in water like that! Ohhhh, he made it out ok..ok great that's splendid spliffy

mark brown says:

You can see the kook doesn't understand paddling angles yet and he paid for it.

Donnie Walters says:

Why did u try….the other guy had priority!!!Dumb ass!!! Stay out the water if u don't know what ur doing!!!

The duckster says:

That is a huge wave at the wedge

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