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Was that the BIGGEST WAVE of 2023? The Wedge Newport Beach #thewedge #waves #surf


Cameron Coryell says:

Everyone talking about the barrel dodge lol. Don’t see anyone on this comment section actually out on this day 😂. Wedge is brutal… why take the beating if you don’t have to 🫠

Steven Kampmann says:

Get real!! 😂

H Man says:

Give my man something!!! outstanding,, EZ doing

Raymond Johnsen II says:

Nice, would’ve been if he was up in that barrel. Everybody gets a trophy generation 😂

Brian Lockhart says:

I saw waves at Mavericks bigger than that

Super Balls says:

It actually looked like a normal wave

Tommy Hofer says:

cleanup set at 8:46 am had to have been bigger

gangsterboogie says:

Biggest barrel dodge at the wedge…yewwwww 👆

Woody Seeking Truth says:

Overall I tbink the Sage Burke wave was as big but right on the Peak. The wave before this drop was the Best Wave of tbe 2023 Season and went Unridden. Bobby O is no rookie and I dont know why he wasn't on the wave before, which was a Freight Train Supreme. @wedgeawards Bill Sharp.

Sheldon says:

Kinda sloppy looking wave to me

Sorin Holland says:

Beefs had one where he says "no one wants to dance with that devil" and then someone just shreds the next one. I think that was bigger. 🤷🏻‍♂️🥩🤙🏻

Marty C says:


Fredrick William says:

Looked like maybe a strong bottom turn off the lip might have been there

Mark Ehlert says:

Didn’t even get barreled

Micah Cloclo says:

Mushiest wave of 2023 lol

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