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Vaavud Wind Speed Meter with Smartphone App – New Red

Measures wind speed from 4 to 48 knots (2-25 m/s) – Highly accurate: +- 4% or 0.4 knots (0.2 m/s) Free Vaavud App – Compatible with Wendy to share weather info Reliable electronic-free technology Durable construction – The Vaavud wind meter can take quite a beating – it is built for action, Compact, pocket-friendly design – Neoprene storage pouch included.

Product Features

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 4, 4s & 5, Apple iPad 2, 3, 4 gen & mini, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4
  • Reliable electronic-free technology
  • Measures wind speed from 4 to 48 knots (2-25m/s)
  • Neoprene pouch is included

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John Johnston says:

Vaavud Fails Badly We bought a Vaavud to see if this simple device was really as good as it was presented. We sent it to a calibrated lab to have it tested and found that it does not meet its specifications. It is easy to use, very simple, has a neat little protective bag, and a good App but the information displayed is only as good as the measurement. An App only displays what the instrument measures, it can’t “fix” bad data.Vaavud states a starting threshold of 2 m/s with a top end of 25 m/s…

Kathleen Harshberger says:

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