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Unexpected Wave Compilation (CRAZY!)

This is a compilation of unexpected waves and mini tsunamis. The clips are of waves crashing into beaches, cities and boats.

You should always take caution when around the ocean. Anything could change in a split second. The sea could be calm and quiet one moment and rough and dangerous the next.

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List Posts says:

A new compilation dropping later today! Stay tuned

THOOR FF says:


Edith Orozco says:

Seriously. If I see a big wave coming in the distance. I will grab my daughter and run.

Archana Jn says:

Nature is invincible

Owen Cowan says:

RIP all the phones that were lost

CherylPie :3 says:

The two people who got knocked downs by that wave 😞

Paul Byrne says:

This is when you wished you took those swimming lessons

Diamond Dog says:

You will stop laughing when your friend is lost to the waves, stop doing stupid things

alejandra galdamez says:

Alguien mas que hable español? La única…

drn Gil Cabrera says:

Parese como tsunami

sree kanth says:

Humans sometimes behaves like monkeys example in this video

december vlogs says:

So amazing and scary caption movement

Léa Renna says:

why do people dumbly stay still waiting for the wave to catch them, why don’t they just RUN

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