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Un Niño Desafía a La OLA mas Grande del Mundo Nazaré -This Boy Surf in Nazaré the Biggest Waves Ever

Hello Super Surfers!!!

In this video they will meet António Laureano, from a very young age this young Portuguese surfer, faces the biggest wave in the world Nazaré, being the youngest person in the world to surf this gigantic wave, Tony Laureano was 7 times nominated by the WSL BIG WAVE AWARDS, I hope you enjoy the images of different photographers, credits at the end of the video.

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Holaaa Super Surfers!!!

En este video conocerán a António Laureano, desde muy pequeño este joven Surfista Portugués, se enfrenta a la ola mas grande del mundo Nazaré, siendo la persona mas joven del mundo en surfear esta gigantesca ola, Tony Laureano fue 7 veces nominado por la WSL BIG WAVE AWARDS, espero que disfrutéis las imágenes de diferentes fotógrafos, créditos la final del video.

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Stephanie White says:

Nice video! It is good for young people start their projects early in life and get lots of experience and lessons on safety. Well done!

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