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U2 – Every Breaking Wave

From U2’s latest album Songs Of Innocence, the video for ‘Every Breaking Wave’ is directed by Belfast-born Aoife McArdle and drawn from her 13-minute short film of the same name.

Set against the social and political turmoil of early 1980s Northern Ireland where McArdle grew up, the film ‘Every Breaking Wave’ is built around themes of emotional abandon and the uncertainty of romantic relationships. The story follows two teenagers, one Catholic and the other Protestant, who fall in love amidst ongoing violence. The short film’s emotional core is centered around ‘Every Breaking Wave’ and ‘The Troubles’, two tracks drawn from U2’s most recent album Songs of Innocence

View Aoife McArdle’s Every Breaking Wave here.

Music video by U2 performing Every Breaking Wave. (C) 2015 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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Andreia Angela says:

Adoro e essa música então….

Lindolfo Fontenele says:


Adriana Régis says:


To The Gory End says:

I Love This Song XD

Rodrigo Gomes says:

um dia vou conhecer vcs.

Rodrigo Gomes says:


Rodrigo Gomes says:

✌ love love u2???✌✌✌✌

Rishita Chaudhary says:

its hard to imagine that a single band can completely transform you. no matter what you are feeling, it ends up leaving this smile on your face.

Edson Gomes says:

Bela canção, Bela Banda, Belo Pop Rock! ♥ ♫

je me demande says:

Allan Gildea arrested yet again??? :-)

Doc Moaz says:

this song brings joy to my brain

daniel rios says:

ya fuiste u2, gran puta perdida para una genereacion llena de tecnologia. Sigan adelante o retirense como los grandes

Forge Steel says:

Trinity, by Leon Uris

Rosa de cassia cassia says:


Влад Совко says:

Typical russian teenagers

Nayean Neupane says:

If u go ,ur way n I go mine ?

Nadia Alioueche says:

I know I 'm in luv with defeat but a compatriot of yours taught me that one should always be in love , it's a sign that we're alive !

guido broekmeulen says:


Alessandro 1387 says:


Diane James says:

Great song and vid love U2

Sergeant Stadanko says:

I hope this is the song they play in the VR recording.

Pse udo says:

Very good song! Thanks!

edwardy26 says:

Just want to clear this up for everyone about the 'Songs Of Innocence' release:

Apple/U2 didn't hack into anyone's phones. This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the whole thing. Apple didn't force it onto anyone's phones. I am a HUGGGEEEEEEE U2 fan and I was freaking out cause it took me nearly an hour to figure out how to download it.
Apple put a free copy of the album in your purchased playlist, which meant that you had to go onto the iTunes app, click on 'Purchased' and download it from there (should you choose to). However, Apple didn't think too much about the fact that there could be a backlash because if you have set your iCloud settings on your Apple device to automatically download any purchases of Music (Can also be done with Apps, Videos etc.), then the album would automatically download.

So again, it was essential yup to the owner of the apple device/account whether you wanted to download it, but if you have your settings on to download any newly purchased music then it would automatically download it as you have told your Apple device to do that.

The release was bound to cause a backlash as for some reason lots of people love to bash U2 (one of the greatest and most influential bands/artists of all time) and people jump to these assumptions. Personally I think that 'Songs Of Innocence' is criminally underrated and is in their top 7ish albums. It is a little overproduced but its so fresh, its like modern U2 meeting early U2, the bass is coming straight out of their first album 'Boy' and though The Edge doesn't have much of that signature guitar sound of his on this album, the album is supposed to be stripped back, having simple songs (Seriously, listen to 'Every Breaking Wave (Acoustic') – ONE OF U2'S GREATEST SONGS EVER WRITTEN). It felt very much like it was Bono's album, it's incredibly personal to their stories (many of which center around Bono) growing up. I just cannot wait for 'Songs Of Experience' because it feels like they are up to their great songwriting again, and this will be much more of a full-on U2 with all the melodies, lyrics, guitar effects, riffs etc. so long as they don't do the same release as 'Songs Of Innocence' then people will be more interested in the album.

Thats all guys, peace out ! :D

Gustavo lemos says:

não consigo parar de ouvir essa canção! linda!

Leslee Espindola says:

love this song ?

PanasonicTooth says:

Every breaking one of them, that is…

Edwin Reyes says:

Does anyone else feel like this was the best piece of music giving to us for free?

Marcia Coviello says:

I love, love, love U2 forever! Best band ever.

Marcella Motão Ribeiro says:


Edgar Cortes says:

la banda pop mas chingona pese al que le pese cabrones e dicho

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