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TUDOR Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge presented by Jogos Santa Casa – Round 1 heat 1

Heat Repkat of Nic von Rupp, Justine Dupont, Will Skudin, Lucas Chianca, Andrew Cotton, Tony Laureano


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Uskisman says:

Ze gertatu zen Axi Muniainen taldeagaz? What hapenned with Axi Muniai,s team?

Daniel Pestle says:

Charger 🔌

Fabio Luiz Bastos Bastos says:

( Praia de gaibu. Cabo de st. Agostinho. PE. Brasil. Alô rapaziada. )

Fabio Luiz Bastos Bastos says:

( cohab. Cabo de st. Agostinho. PE. Brasil. Alô rapaziada. )

Israel Oliveira says:

Lucas chumbo master

xwhite2020 says:

Cool of Joel Tudor to sponsor this. Free weed and antivax rants for everyone.

Eka fendiaspara alliwa says:

Kapan ada di pesisir barat krui lampung lagi ya…

Marcos Pivetta says:

Muito bom 👍

Tombo Jones says:

Always nice to see Coty still after it.

M!sf!re says:

This is the best footage you can get?

Chance Santamaria says:

Nazare has it out for Cotty. Man is relentless

Chuck says:

Peter Mel does a great job commentating on big waves. It's like he knows a thing or two. Haha

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