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Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Water Helmet (White, X-Small)

After years of inquiries from our loyal customers about a Triple Eight Wakeboard Helmet, we’ve finally brought one to market. Featuring a super comfy Quick Dry lining, this helmet wicks away moisture helping to keep you cool and comfortable in the water.

Product Features

  • High-density ABS outer shell
  • Dual-density closed cell EVA foam liner does not absorb water
  • Quick Dry Anti-Bacterial lining wicks away moisture and provides a comfort fit
  • Adjustable neoprene padded chin strap
  • Meets CE EN 1385 water sports safety standard

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AJ Tundra says:

Plain Vanilla Water Helmet – Good for Wakeboarding Not sure what the “Rubber” part is. We had another Triple8 helmet, which was not “Rubber”, and it is no different that I can tell. That said – if fits the bill for Wakeboarding and my daughter is happy with it.Pros – Good Helmet, Solid, Medium Weight (not light but not heavy). Plain white color is great for Stickers (which my Daughter loves). Strap has very wide adjustment Range. Size is True to Measurements (Small was exactly 21 Inches inside). If you are not…

m00nd0gg says:

“Rubber” Pads Terrible Returning this. Big fan of my last Triple 8 Helmet, which looks just like this but with black straps. The big difference is the pads. The last time I bought a triple 8 helmet they shipped me 2 sets of pads for fine-adjustment for size. This one has 1 set of “rubbery” pads GLUED IN, with what looks like hot glue. This helmet is also too small for my head, which although large I would not describe it as massive. In general, looks like cut corners and bad description. Also, this helmet’s pads…

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