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Let me know if you guys like videos like this! And let me know your opinion on the top 5 most dangerous waves!

Koa’s Social –

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DrJ3RK says:

How would you compare these to some of the nutty Australian waves like The Right, Shipsterns, etc.? Just curious to hear your perspective on those ones, as I'm just an armchair surfer 😀 (My wife used to surf a lot (from Hawaii) but I grew up in Seattle, so not really the greatest surf spot. 🙂 Oh, and very nice video!

Sid Beauchamp says:

Great job Koa tuff choices well done 🤙🏼

Jeremiah Alphonsus says:

The Right looks most dangerous to me.

Scott Cain says:

Yeah, nah you should try shipsterns bluff off tassie in winter, when the storm swells are kicking up in the southern ocean.. It'll break bones and worse, without hitting anything, except your board..The washing machine is hella violent. Cowbombie, off Margaret river in west oz is nuts when its kranking.. I got sucked n slammed, eaten n beaten out there. Broken vertebrae, ruptured dics, torn knee, busted wrist and elbow, blown eardrum, cracked scone.. More than half drowned and black mn blue all over.. All from being caught right in the drop zone, with no way out. Only a 2 wave hold down, thankfully. But the pain. Ye gods the pain. Passed out when they fished me out. Woke up as they hauled me aboard boat and howled some more Took bout an hour for heli rescue.. 2months hospital. 3yrs rehab before i could get in the water. Now im just happy for a dawn sesh at Noosa

Bronson Murphy says:

Initially I thought tuops #1 mavericks #2 then jaws and too many to pick for forth and fifth, but pipe I didn't think would get a mention, but, what you said about pipe no-one can argue. Hands down it poses the greatest risk to people, and therefore has to be most dangerous. You fucking nailed it, Every wave on your list is perfectly positioned but I still don't like you, you have surfed mavericks, therefore I hate you🤣🤣🤣


Or big Sunset, sometimes looks almost possible
To surf , for a mortal


I don’t think I’ll get there, however

Belharra looks like the big wave that is “gentle”


Great list, when I was a Grom, it was just Waimea, Todos Santos, outer reefs, (I’ve never surfed them just bought every magazine) then later Mavericks, now so many new XXL wave spots, really wild.


Hearing about the Mavericks suck and hold down … yikes

Rick says:

Maybe you need some lessons from Jamie OBrian at pipeline😂

boyfromoz7 says:

3. Cortez…2. Shipstern Bluff (Aust) adn 1. The Right (Aust)

Steven Emig says:

I'm not a surfer, though I was a longtime Huntington Beach local, so I was around a bunch of surfers for years. I came across this video while looking for interesting clips about the Channel Islands for one of my blogs. The big, dangerous SoCal wave most people still haven't heard of. Shark Park.

Jean R. says:

Very impressive for me, as I´m not a surfer. But I wonder why they don't wear helmets in this dangerous waves….

R Miller says:

That was super informative, and I was blown away teahupoo (power, thickness and depth wasn't number 1) , or or even kirra with its sharks and currents of course J Bay areas with the current the great whites and the freezing cold water… But after watching your explanation of I can definitely agree with you… Thanks 👍

PDX LTL Mountain Driver Columbia River Gorge says:

I like it Koa.. great video, so is filming while surfing in the water. Lineup Politics pecking order ect. all great content.

alvatrous says:

just from watching part of the reason I would say nazare shouldn't be higher is most people tow it on the big days and it just isn't as steep as any of the others on this list and the face is super wide open. as a pretty damn good surfer and snowboarder I do feel like I'd have a chance of making down the face of a big nazare wave if it was life or death compared to dropping into pipeline which i know I have zero chance of doing. the trick to nazare just seems like not getting hit by the lip and water avalance but yeah just not nearly as steep as others on this list which is what I think makes a wave super difficult to get up on.

71mrstealth says:

The Cortez Bank in California and The Shipstern Bluff (Devil's Point) in Tasmania Australia are considered very Dangerous. Great Report Koa !

Brie Dah says:

Koa explains “Inviting The Undertaker” without judging too harshly the uninitiated larval scum at Pipe. You continue to be my favorite surfing spokesman, although I’d enjoy seeing u and Nate arm wrestle over each other’s top ten! A+

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