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They connected River to Ocean and formed waves to surf!

A river break forms weird waves perfect RC Surfer shredding and wave nerding. Kalani and Blair go round 2 on their battle for title of robot surfing king! Sprinkled in footage of Shea Porter, Aaron “Slow Performance” Mason, Johnny Redmond, Jett Schilling, Jake Davis, Scotty Too Hottie, Ultra Kook and more ripping T on clean morning. Plus recovered footage of Little DawG Kai shredding mini river wave! Most footy from iPhone for extra rawness.
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@Bizyy__ says:

Is it legal?

@kulpiko9654 says:

красавцы! столько пресной воды уничтожить надо уметь

@TriAlaska1012 says:

Bro recreated Niagara Falls all over again

@AlexMuseMatrix says:

Heart my comment pls

@A.D_Rajput says:

Anybody Indian ??

@danharrison6963 says:

They created another part of the river XD

@jimlad1611 says:

How do you fill it in ?

@johnnylawrence5177 says:

how does this affect the river? do the fish in it die or get sent to salt water

@ntsproductions3571 says:

why do i have to keep restarting this video to compensate how the trickle of water got o that point

@amiefalcon5132 says:

Where is this at

@Neonwolf200 says:

is that hawaii?

@user-fw7jh8nz8v says:

البحر الزرق. امو ج😅😅😅😅😅

@Woolint says:

Imagine your just fishing by the river and fall asleep and wake up to every fish gasping for water.

@JamesAbrilla says:

Bruh you seryoso you destroy the river


Now what is the situation like?😅

@Thelast3ambender263 says:


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