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The SeasnugTM New From Seavenger. It’s a Perfect Fit for Everything on the Sand. (Black, XL – Size 12-13)

SeaSnugs are just that, a very cool sock that’s just snug and light enough to put on and leave on all day at the beach. And SeaSnugs come in every cool color and pattern you can imagine.

There are 5 surprising SeaSnug solids in stunning BLACK, BLUE, DARK BLUE, PINK and YELLOW.
Plus Seavenger came up with 5 more wild pattern ideas that’ll definitely have your beach buds asking, “where’d you get those great socks?”

SeaSnug Patterns come in five unique Snug Styles: YELLOW RIBBON, BLUE ROBIN, RED FEATHER, MAROON BURST and BLUE WAVES.

SeaSnugs have all the features you want for snorkeling, beach sports, volleyball and just beach hangin’:

Product Features

  • Super stretchy comfy Lycra upper with adjustable ankle cuff
  • Tough Neoprene sole for standing up to scorching summer sand
  • Great for tide pooling, beach combing, snorkeling and chilling beach-side
  • Seavenger-designed and built for top quality
  • All sizes available: XS to 3XL

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bleaum says:

Awesome Multi-Purpose Water Socks for the Whole Family! When I was offered these water socks at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I had no idea who would end up with them! See, we live between the beach and the bay, and love exploring. Often, we will go from one spot to another, and I hate walking off into strange waters barefoot. These socks have done an excellent job of keeping my feet (and ankles) protected. Even after walking through branches and stepping on seashells,…

Judd F says:

they seem fine. 0

Crystal Songbird Reviews says:

Great Feel, SIZE UP These are made well and seem to be thick across the bottom to offer plenty of protection from sand, rocks, etc.I will say, I believe they are women’s sizing because they just fit me, while I have a size 9-9.5 foot and chose the size that is 7-9, I believe. I was thinking it would be a little big if it were men’s sizing but it just fits on my toes exactly. I will be wearing them at the beach and to the river this summer and I don’t think it will be a hindrance to walking or…

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