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The ONLY Way To Survive A TSUNAMI! #Shorts


@eliwotson4655 says:

When zoink sees this video he's like I already beat tidal wave so I don't have to worry

@DemetriusDemarcusTheXIII says:

me asking the tsunami:spanish or English

@precioustarah says:

It depends on how high the tsunami is

@karakreativevlog says:

Be a fishie 🐡

@calvinjaredguimba4049 says:

Ugly stupid tsunami always killing 1M peoples

@kidsincincinnati7829 says:

or say english or spanish

@BillHill-mg3zi says:

idk if i trust what you say based offf your appearance

@owenkresge5569 says:

Bro does not know what a tsunami is.. Plus tidal waves and the word tsunami are not interchangeable

@arielbannerman1325 says:

The water recedes, if you start to see coral of fish that you couldn’t before then most likely a tsunami is about to happen.

@Crabz49 says:


@w0blersnthat986 says:

Do some research bro

@MeltOnLoad says:

The building gets destroyed

@Littlehappydoggy says:

Tidal wave reference 🗣️ 🗣️ 🔥 🔥

@Yuuandtreefriend says:

Then what about a mega tsunami

@badamhatanbattulga1601 says:

Tidal wave? 💀

@user-wi5qv7xi1f says:

It would be better to have a underground cement bunker with food and oxygen tanks and water 💧

@SamanthaBrown-Holzwarth says:

And I have one more thing to say people do not believe him please I’m telling you and call him dummy by the way lol

@SamanthaBrown-Holzwarth says:

Liar don’t listen liar it’s when the waves go away you dummy

@tnevans12 says:

The building will just break if the Tsunami is big enough and your fall all the way down into the water(you not your)

@OGNjEN-ry3hp says:

Zonk will beat this

@karmellohala798 says:

But it is going to be bigger 😅

@angeliukas19 says:

not the only way😭

@raymondmcconkey9019 says:

The only way to survive it?😂

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