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The Largest Wave Ever Seen At The Wedge, Newport Beach, 8-27-2014

You can see it break at 0:55 in the video. It is the single largest wave ever seen here. Surfers were paddling for their lives.

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Waxfoot Surfshow says:

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fabrice mccarthy says:

Yawns little tiny waves ?

Star Dot says:

No that wave wasn't much over 20 feet. I was there the day the biggest wave hit. Sometime in the early 90's. 35 foot plus. Nobody caught it. It was a 20-25 foot day with occasional larger. Then one monster set came in. The wave broke 300 feet OUTSIDE of everyone. I ditched my board and dove for the bottom like everyone else. Took me probably 15 minutes to swim in. The rip set up after the big set, like it does. Had to swim nearly over to Cylinders to get in. And the whole time my boogie board was on the rocks. And 500 people on the beach and not one mofo had the courtesy to go get my effing board off the rocks.

Eklll- Roblox & More! says:

i have seen bigger at the wedge

greg hales says:

not even close to the biggest wedge. ive seen it at 50 ft on the face.

Robert Jones says:

you've seen bigger waves in your toilet while your girl was washing her hair !

zen babaloo says:

I think what he mean to say was that it was the largest wave HE'D ever seen at the Wedge.

James DiRocco says:

classic guy on the beach talking like hes in the water

22 A Day No Way says:

Watch. 22adaynoway

David Mitchell says:

It gets this big almost every year. Biggest… BS

Joseph Maghami says:

HAHAAHha. That was the biggest wave in that set. Half the size of the largest Wedge days.

Kye Dhnaram says:

i have seen bigger

Chris says:

Maybe biggest wave ever

Gulfripper 44 says:

2 foot Hawaiian.

southrules says:

Good to hear Jesse Ventura enjoying a day on the beach

Grom says:

Not even close ! During the largest summer swell of 1968 or1969 the waves were much larger and they were lining up perfectly making a giant bowl break. One guy was on the beach with a professional movie camera set-up. Most of the guys,(all body surfers back then), were getting rescued and pulled out of the water. The rescue boat almost got caught inside by one of the biggest sets. As it was trying to escape it was getting some major air flying over the waves. The set broke over the jetty at the END ! Guys got caught and were instantly in the water fighting the surf and rocks. People came to their rescue.
I was 19 and an older guy, with a shaved head, around 30 years old was ripping it. He was very selective only taking the biggest wave of the set. After his ride he would come in, rest then go out right before the next set came in.
It was quite a sight seeing the lifeguards dragging exhausted swimmers out of the surf.
That day had 20'+ surf and at Dana point 20 people were washed off the jetty.
I would love to see the film from that epic day.

ColD says:

thats not the largest watch mike lucas media

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