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The Heaviest Waves on the Planet

Not sure if you got to check out the Billabong XXL Awards… If you didn’t here is a mashup of all the highlights and the ass whippings dealt out by some of the heaviest waves on the planet.

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Imran Mirza says:

Still weighs less than your mum

Pickles says:

I'm surprised these guys didn't sink from the weight of their balls…

the Patriot says:

15,000 $ it's nothing for the risk that they take with this big waves !!! billabong are so cheap unbelievable !!!

Sean O'Brieon says:

Maya= 😛😍😘!!…

David Walker says:

The kind of waves you die on.

Olga Razmakhova says:

Я отдыхала этим летом в португалич в г

Я отдыхала этим летом в
Португалии в городе
Это счастье поплавать в океане

Faber EMF says:

Mark Healey just surfed the tube of every surfers dream, I would like to surf 100´s of those, maybe 1.000´s 02:10

Chandler Smith says:

Once you have been injured in a critical way . Nothing ever seems like the pain will subside decrease . I broke my leg at Uluwatu in 2015 . Eight surgeries later im still f*#!:*d and it's hard . Because of injury if your wife and your friend and your family stop recognizing that you got hurt start blaming the fact that you can't walk out on you. So all my little gromies out there be careful . It's a hard road to travel . And the glory and the fun in that thrill are all amazing but when they're all gone and laying in a hospital bed or even worse two years after you're out of the hospital bed and you're laying in your bed and no one can remember why you're laying there it's hurtful and hard .

Hot Hatch says:

Bawlz the size of sea urchins.

Gosborg says:

Fantastic waves, great music. Thanks.


no one wants to listen to your stupid music jackass!

Jeremy Bradley says:

He didn’t even make the wave. Piss week.

el nino says:

Greg knoll is the man glad to see he is still kickin it ! The tow in ski driver should get an award for the shipstern bluff tow in ! Watch how close he is to going over the falls on that ski plus props to the surfer I think he should have got wipe out of the year on that wave jeez 🤕🤙

Rics Ornelas says:

2019 anyone

stuzaza says:

04:57 is what is known as walking into a shitstorm

John Mackenney says:

I am a surfing pro

trey kearns says:

5:00 what kind of fucked up wave structure is this?!?!? Its double breaking all willy nilly like..

Tony Rob says:

C'est quoi cette vidéo !
Vous montrez des images d tehuppoo et vous faites croire q c'est Hawaii !! 😤😤
C'EST n'importe quoi.
Vas chier tructv

john lowe says:

that was sick dude

Nat Helm says:

Shipsterns is my vote for nastiest wave on the planet. Of course, I've never surfed any of these waves.

Mike P says:

$2k for taking a header down the face of a monster wave? pfft…That would almost cover my transport costs to the hospital and STILL leave me without a board:(

Ilene Ova says:

Man can I have those watermelons under that skinny dweebs arms.

Gilliganfrog says:

This would've been 10x more watchable without the announcer, and 100x more watchable without the absolute shit music.

Yousif A Tobiya says:

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P&Wengineering says:

Love how Shipstearn and the Right barf all over the surfers.

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