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The Biggest Wave ever surfed: The Wave of Death

The Biggest Wave ever surfed: The Wave of Death

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Oda Casto says:

Has anyone ever wondered what the "last days FLOOD" is? We are told what it is in Isaiah 17:12-13. It is the flood of Jihad being used as a rod of indignation against Father's people Israel. But as you see in verse 13 Jesus will Return at the 7th Bowl Battle of God Almighty, Jesus and His Bride Army will rebuke them and chase them out of the land and save for Himself a remnant. The Day of the Lord that begins at the 6th Seal will come upon the World as a Thief and a Flood.

sukruoosten says:

you see the big problem is im a man en only 27 years old en single. en sadly the west don't dress modesty anymore. now this is no excuse to sin BUT IT makes it difficult en especially to single people !!!!!!!!!

sukruoosten says:

lust en desire is MOST DIFFICULT FOR ME !!!! if only THE LORD chastise me ore hurt me ore even kill me en rid me of this body !! its so absurd if you think about it I mean I want to get killed for him en hope he comes back soon en yet the circle of sin I cant break SADLY

Lisa Henson says:

Well said Levi ??

Chad Betz says:

Amen Brother thank you God bless

sparky9c22 says:

Jesus is my Rock. I choose to Stand and Endure with Jesus Christ. Peace.

Laura Anaya says:


Jane Dorthy says:

@Levi price, i will never die fore i believe in Jesus Christ our risen lord and saviour. Any whom believe on this name shall be saved by grace through faith even though he be as dirty as rags,none are worthy of anything no not even you or i Levi price. But,even tho we may be sinners we believe in the only one whom is worthy,Jesus Christ the risen king.

Golden One says:

Jesus heals all! Jesus is the healer! He is the way the truth and the light! Resist satan and he will flee! Rebuke him in Jesus name! Cast out the devil and his pathetic demons that have no power over you! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!! Jesus come soon please my perfect lord and savior!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you Levi!!!

Randall Ritenour says:

I need Jesus to help me with anger I need to be slow to anger. Jesus is lord

HersheySquirts125 says:

brother Levi, do you watch Paul Washer or Tim Conway?

Jenny Sellers says:

Thank you Jesus for your anointed, you love us soo much. Chosen by God, what a beautiful concept

Louise Asaffl says:

I HAVE repented over and over again. I do strive but I am not able to be as holy as our Lord Jesus but I love and worship him and I do try..Thanks Levi, you do so much  good work for our Lord. Keep, keeping on brother! :)

Louise Asaffl says:

I am in every category of sin but I pray that Jesus will forgive me…I pray to Him.

Mr pipe bomb Meadows says:

eve's disobedience is the reason why sin is a factor

TheStar WarsNerd says:

What is the music you use at 0:00?

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