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The Biggest Wave Ever Surfed


Blake Lynch says:

thanks! shouldn't we all deep sea surf?

Ron Brantley says:

Your a ignorant stupid moron, and that's a comment to you fool.

dylan24lakers says:

@TheMadafada it wasn't a tsunami

yokajin says:

@33mba im sorry, have you tried surfing in a wave this big?? if not, how would you know you would die..when we just saw this guy surf it… please show me the proof of this being fake!

yokajin says:

@TheMadafada lol.. its a tidal wave. this is real.

carizmaAK3 says:

@TheMadafada its not fake do even surf ???

ali batta says:

so many special effect hahahaha dumb asses make a believable one freaks

Blake Lynch says:

Holy penis batman!

dongmaster3 says:

@puppieluvers3000 ….

TheAB650 says:

is this at mavericks?

Steven Iringan says:

Oh…your cousin? He's dead.

53rams says:

ya if he died then u now how many videos there wud be of him dying this video wud b titled man dies on big wave and its a record the biggest wave ridden and u have to finniesh the whole thing and not fall for it to be a record

hazwun $$ says:

@53rams do u hav proof that hes still alive?

53rams says:

noooooooooooo hes gonna recieve a award while hes dead dumb ass

hazwun $$ says:

this guy won a award for this and i think he did live

Qrakupi says:

WOW thats cool

wilfer manahan says:

i thinks he's fucking dead

Uroš Kosajnč says:

was he die???

Raeann Dandachli says:

man i think it is fake ..

OutBloomingMusic says:

whered the other guy at the beginning go?

Aaron Adams says:

Um… why can't you hear the helicopter filming it?? BS soundtrack… who knows about the video…

Sonny0612 says:

i wanna se you fake this!

lmao1ttyl says:

It looks fake…

kriskawesome says:

how many ft. could the water be?!? like 250?!? lol

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