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The Biggest Wave Ever Ridden On A Skimboard – Brad Domke – Exile Skimboards

Brad Domke called us up a couple of weeks ago psyching on some swell that was supposed to hit Puerto Escondido, or something… He needed some help getting there to ride beasts on a finless board like no one else on earth can. Given that Domke has been our boy for over a decade now and that he tends to deliver, we were happy to help him make the trip.

Little did we know he would catch hands down the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard… but he did.


Film/Edit: Dylan Palmer

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Kieran Sadler says:

that was the sickest shit ive ever seen in my life.

Di Strachan says:

What is that awesome music?

M Evans says:


Taco Cat says:

well shit

Alice Fortyfive says:

Such dirty water

Christina Goldman says:


Jordan Escobar says:

tbh. seeing as he is considered a "pro skimmer". shouldn't he have to run, jump on the board, then either pump or side swipe out to the wave. last time I checked. that's called surfing. pretty sad when your supposed to be in the top five in the world of skimming and kelly slater can surf this waves in his sleep. any chump can get pulled in I wanna see you run to that.

Vamp Kxsr says:

faze carl ! o my i watch all your videos 🙂 +FaZe Carl

Chief Queef says:

carl since when have you liked skimboarding

chromexcel crafter says:

Huge inner ears! Massive balls!!

Owen Webb says:

I couldn't close my mouth while watching this

javajesse says:

Hi I am Charley and I am 7.  How long should my board be?

samuel cardenas says:

That was at least 30 feet 

fourdegreeswarmer says:

Dude this requires a set of brass clangers 

MrMoelummy says:

my guess is the music is from Bjork

Eddie Steele says:

Hells yeah dude…

Tyler Moss says:

that bottom turn was mean

SuperRipper1234 says:

How does he catch it?

falconetti aanthony says:

very heavy- like skiing down an ciy run on skis that have no edges..– brad makes it look easy..but if he gonna keep this up, I would get a couple of thruster side bite fins glassed on..sooner or later he is gonna slip in the wrong place..bad wipeout.

Steve Carey says:

Wow, that's amazing. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I'm assuming it's real. But I have to ask, why wouldn't you surf this with a board that has fins? Not to take away from this guy's skill. Pulling off a bottom turn on a Puerto wave of this size on a skimboard is nothing short of astounding.

f0t0b0y says:

He should win an XXL Award for this…

Keith Miller says:

Check the sketch bottom turn at 00:24 he's not trying to project he's just gettin some direction. How cool is that!?

JUSTIN Guadalupe says:

that was bigger than bill bryans teahupoo wave?

Luciano Trece says:

Skinboard for giants !!! Aloha !!!

Ian Mactavish says:

haha, every one else is out there on a gun…

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