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The Biggest Surf Story of the Year – Maya Gabeira’s Brush with Death

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On October 29, one of the largest swells in recent memory hit Nazaré, off Portugal’s majestic coast. It attracted big-wave surfers from around the world, including two of the most admired, Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira.

If you follow the news closely, you probably know what happened. If you don’t, here’s a quick recap: Carlos surfed what many believe to be the largest wave ever surfed, while Maya nearly drowned as she charged what could have been the largest wave ever surfed by a woman.

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Daniel Alejandrino says:

This is so scary. I'd be too scared to surf something like this

MrRouxy says:

Nobody speaks about the rescuers, they are the real heroes, risking their lives for surfers withot any reward in terms of glory, or money…

Jimmy J says:

This is truly awesome. Much respect for Maya G.

I'm also not seeing enough Red Bull product placement here. Can we have more next time? Thanks a bunch!

KEF Murray says:

ok everyone is negative her goal in life is to ride big waves and get pitted. If she dies doing what she loves then did she really fail at life.

OCSilverandBlack says:

Happy that Maya made it out alive. She has HUGE balls. Having said that, FUCK Redbull and that poisonous shit "energy drink" they market and push onto kids. Everyone that works for Redbull (and all companies like it) should be get stomach cancer.

Adam T253 says:

A very close call indeed. She should stick to smaller waves.

bigfishpondhome1 says:

The most uncoordinated surfer ever. She could not even grab the ski.

jaywar69 says:

Surfing talent aside…  Maya is an absolute beauty!

Steve Blundell says:

The fact that she went is huge, but the fact he had multiple chances to put her on the sled and most likely drown her pulling her through the white water not clear water says to me he just used her for himself and you can see it in his eyes. He used her to boost redbull, himself and her. Find another partner girl!!

Andrew Morison says:

Bigger balls than your average troll I imagine. ..

Ivan Nosha says:

One badass girl.
We love you sweetheart, keep it up!

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