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TF-BK30-RY_275 9.5 D(M) Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe Athletic comfortable sports skin shoes

It will be more comfortable going up in size at least one or two.

Tesla BK30 is an ideal option for barefoot trail runners with its lightweight but strong upper material and durable outsole.

Slightly cushioned zero-drop sole offers explicit feelings of the terrain stimulating muscles in the bottom of foot for health.

This feature also shows it’s still the best choice for waterside activities.

Dura Nylon Band enhances a tight fit supporting instep.
Nonslip Grid on outsole features resistance against slip and fine grip

Dirt Proof Upper keeps dusts and stains away while assuring breathability

Synthetic Rubber Outsole is good at grabbing the ground and more durable

Yielding materials on whole shoe offers easy-to-carry option to anywhere

PU shank supports firmly on heel working as a stabilizer

Product Features

  • A Zero-drop Barefoot Trail shoe. 0mm (flat) heel-to-toe keeps pressure off your foot. (providing actual experience of barefoot)
  • 2mm-thin midsole provide a fancy arched footbed and comfortable support.
  • Ultra lightweight (average 6.0 oz -1/2 pair) makes easy wearing them for a long time.
  • Breathable Mesh fabric moves moisture away from your foot and keeps your foot in a comfortable dry state.( odor resistance)
  • Stimulates all your rear side of foot increases the senses and power of your leg.(This shoe may improve your foot health and reduce stress levels.)

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Andrew says:

Wow, thoroughly impressed, it’s minimalism at a good price VERY IMPORTANT:Order 1 size up for walking, standing an entire day, or wanting to wear socks. I usually wear 8.5 men’s sneakers but I took the advice and ordered a 9.5 and it fits great.I got a second pair at ONLY 1/2 a size up for RUNNING barefoot in. Full size up may result in too much toe-space length-wise as I found out, either way the width is narrow.Now for the review.WOW!, for a couple of reasons. One, this Tesla brand, which apparently is Korean, makes…

Jim Waterhouse says:

For the price, these are great 0

Alan D. Solis says:

Be careful buying too large! May not be necessary! I listened to everyone who said to go up a size… wish I hadn’t. I’ve got a fairly wide foot, so I typically go up half a size anyway when I buy shoes I run in, but these I should have bought the right size. I’m always struggling with narrow shoes with a restrictive toe box. The virtually sock-like upper on this shoe would have provided more than enough space for my feet without compromising fit. Now I have a pair of clown shoes that are fantastic in all respects except quality (they are…

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