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SurfivalKit – Surf Accessory Travel Kit

The SurfivalKit has all the essentials a surfer needs, each dropped in to its own compartment! “Performance” Drop-Ins 1x Skeg Key 1x Leash String 1x Longboard Fin Plate & Screw 2x Shortboard Fin Screws “Board Care” Drop-Ins 2x Surf Wax (Base & Temp) 1x Wax Comb 1x “Solarez®” Ding Kit (.5 oz) 3x Waterproof Ding Stickers “Surfer” Drop-Ins 1x SPF 15 Lip Balm 1x SPF 30 Sunscreen Surfival Stickers

Product Features

  • Perfect for new surfers and experienced
  • Includes surf accessory essentials
  • Fits in car or in backpack. Great for surf trips.

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Anonymous says:

I’m an avid fisherman, and the one thing I cannot go without when fishing is my tackle box to keep everything neatly organized and readily available.My Surfival Kit has done the same for my surfing gear too now! I keep it in my car always, because some days I never know if the urge to surf will catch me unprepared.My wax used to roll around in the trunk and get covered in sand, or alternately get my trunk covered in wax. Problem solved.The various small bits…

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