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Surfing Wave Pool Dubai

Dean Gough, Leon Bennett & Luke Cunningham were lucky enough to try out a new wave pool built recently in Dubai…
Tune by MT Eden Dubstep: Sierra Leone

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Suyandi Liyis says:

search Surf Snowdonia

Estênio Biriguela says:

big ass wave

Neil Mitchell says:

its a bit shit

TheSlidingwave says:

Where are the bodysurfers!?

yoshimotokoubou100 says:


Maria Yesenia Celeste Zuñiga Reyes says:

esta perra

superchanneljim says:

They're surfing in a fucking wetsuit in Dubai??? WTF? Is it 50 degrees in that pool? Doubt it. Surf Santa Cruz, you'll for sure need a wetsuit.

Ho Stevie! says:

So cool! Wish there was one of these in Wisconsin for when I visit back home.

manuel niz says:

how much is the fun?

Rax says:

Fuck man this is the song that started dubstep for me. But now I got tired of it :(

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