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Surfing the World’s Largest Wave Pool, Japan

Wow! During the crazy hot Japanese summer holidays, it’s funny how many people flock to the swimming pools, lol. The epic “Ocean Dome” in this video is the largest indoor wave pool in the world and holds the Guinness Record. I was featured in the Surfing Show doing my Surf Juggling Challenge during holiday periods for about three years. Follow the link to the real Ocean Version of my stunt here:

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Unfortunately, due to financial concerns the Ocean Dome was sold to Sheraton Hotels and has been indefinitely closed. I believe this was the best and largest surfing wave (non-flowrider) EVER for a pool. They held world ASP events here and several top pro surfers commented that these were the best waves they ever surfed in a wave pool.

Check this out…I SURFED IN A CAVE (I’m not sure why) :

Czeck out INSANE Juggling while River Surfing in 2013:

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Sonny S says:

I been there too when I was in Japan in 1990s

Rubel Hossain says:

where is largest sea beach+

kylegap says:

Yes I peed in the pool… that was really stupid.

Tom Evered says:

All the pee and water washing against their privates and arm pits

TheLSMHD says:

This is actually incorrect, Siam Park has the biggest wave pool in the world.

FUCK OFF says:

This was uploaded on my birthday

Nick Arvanites says:

yooo ericc i been watching you since like 2008 off my old account hadd stop back by

Kyle Rider says:

Most polluted water on earth 

Sam Hel says:

this isn't a pool its a bloody toliet anymore people want to go in there

Just Some Thuggy Penguins says:

6,000 people, huh. How much pee?

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