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Surfing The World’s Biggest Wave

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A daredevil surfer rides down possibly the biggest wave ever conquered. Legendary American surfer Garrett McNamara rode the massive wall of water, estimated to be about 100ft-high, on the waters off Nazare, in Portugal, on Monday (January 28). If confirmed, McNamara will have broken his own record, which he set riding a 78ft high wave in late 2011.

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MetalOnPiano says:

Stop jerking off and show the damn wave.

john62626z says:

Yeah nobody wants to see dinky 1/2 second clips, wtf?

john62626z says:

Yeah nobody wants to see dinky 1/2 second clips, wtf?

David Lopez says:

That wasted my time

Afonso Mestre says:

i live there and that wasnt the biggest wave ive seen there

gmesand says:

U wont be crushed by the waves just get back up and start over

David Cortesão says:

ahah pensei o mesmo!

ze62948 says:

woow,they make my country look cool on youtube

Steven Urbach says:

dude cool wave born 2 be wild| mcysu1

mitchelnext1 says:

global warming caused this

Kenan Kimil says:

Lets see him ride a Tsunami! =D

snakehunterwes1 says:

That's not that cool

Cassidy Person says:

I've been out on 6 foot waves in a lake and I thought that was big 0.o

Kienan Nowicki says:

hey man this is pretty cool.

Charlie Fairs says:

0:22 slomo fall

DavidGaming100 says:

That's more like a Tsunami.

Danisa Mishima says:

i could not do this. i would be afraid of being crushed by the waves…

Postghost says:

Um did we actually SEE the event , or was this a waste of time way of giving me info i could have read in one sentence of words ?

isaidlaughyouidiot says:

how does one measure a wave?

Niskov says:

Show the entire thing!

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