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Surfing the biggest wave EVER! 90 Feet – Breathtaking! Record Breaking! Nazare by Lisbon, Portugal

SUBSCRIBE NOW! 🙂 Off the coast of Nazare, 70 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal. Garrett McNamara rides what members belonging to his group claimed was the biggest wave ever successfully negotiated during a “tow-surfing” session. Nazare is a small fishing town 70 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal. The wave face measured about 90 feet, according to a news release announcing the feat.
McNamara, a known big-wave surfing guy from Hawaii, was riding large waves with Andrew Cotton and Al Mennie when 3 huge waves appeared on the outside. Cotton utilized a personal watercraft to tow McNamara onto the massive shoulder of one of those rogue waves.

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zacthecatty35 says:

Multiply the height of that wave by 30, and that will be the height of the Tsunami wave if an asteroid ever hit the Atlantic. 

MrGoodkat says:

These guys dont need surfboards.This is what is known as 'Ball-Surfing'.
All they need are their gigantic balls to stand on and keep them boyant.

Benny A says:

Dude has some REAL COJONES. Congrads damm that was crazy!!!!!!!

counke says:

come succhiare la tetta piu grande che esista sulla faccia della terra. grazie madre natura!

Jotagames07 says:

DO you know that there are already 2 records on nazare!

Jamelle Wilson says:

Dude, I feel so good for you, I bet that took a lot of work andnitbpaid off.Congrats and this will be in my mind a lot

Makaveli Rocky says:

Wow that was amazing!

whiteboiwyatt says:

Brah that was totally toobular!….keep hangin ten!

springmasskid92 says:

its real life ssx surf survival

Nate Orlowski says:

His name is surfislife. Get out of the wave pool, buddy.

Nate Orlowski says:

lol!!!!!! you're an idiot, kid

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