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Surfing News – Surf Open Acapulco – July 2013

Surfing News – Professional Surfing – July 2013

This video is a summary of surfing events from July 2013.

Surf Open Acapulco Mexico
July 2nd to July 7th, 2013

The Surf Open Acapulco is an ASP 4-star event. Tanner Hendrickson busts an air. Italo also goes big at th Acapulco contest as well.

Gabriel Medina told ProSurfBlog, at the 2013 US Open of Surfing, that Italo is one of his favorite groms. Wade Carmichael ended up

winning the Acapulco event.

Roxy Pro Biarritz
Women’s World Tour Event (No. 6 of 8)
Grande Plage, Biarritz, France
July 10th – July 14th, 2013

After a few lay-days due to bad surf, the Roxy Pro Biarritz is cancelled but recheduled for September in Hossegor, France. Changes

things a bit. This news came on July 14th, 2013.

On July 13th, 2013 ASP sends out an email announcing an Executive apology from the CEO of Quiksilver. This apology comes after a

statement made by a Quiksilver employee, about a Roxy commercial. We included the controversial Quiksilver commercial that started

the drama.

US Open of Surfing 2013 takes place in July of 2013. The US Open of Surfing takes place in Huntington Beach, California. Alejo

Muniz wins the Men’s Prime division and Carissa Moore (Hawaii) wins the Women’s World Tour division this year.

Conner Coffin and Buitendag won the junior pro divisions at the US Open.

We did not feature information about the related riots that occurred at the 2013 US Open of SUrfing in this video but it did


Be sure to visit our Youtube surfing channel to watch our independent videos of the US Open of Surfing 2013. We went on-site to

give a unique perspective on the waves, surfers, and action that took place in Huntington Beach at the US Open of Surfing.

Then late in July, ASP announced the locations and dates for the upcoming World Junior Championships. The event will be held at

Santa Catarina, Joaquina Beach, Brazil from October 27th through November 5th, 2013.

Video by Philip D.
Commentary by Philip Dominguez

Artwork by Michele Dominguez

Images provided by The Association of Surfing Professionals (Shadley/Rowland) to Trade Federation, Inc. for editorial purposes.
Video commercial provided by Quiksilver for editorial use as it relates to the recent press release.

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