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Surfing Mavericks Biggest Waves Of 2012

Mavericks, off the coast of Santa Cruz, is California’s premiere big wave spot and the proving grounds for surfers looking to push the limits of paddle surfing. Local Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarity made a name for himself charging this lineup on the heaviest of days. In this clip, stand out surfers Greg Long, Mark Healey, Shane Dorian and Skindog Collins paddle into massive cold water monsters.

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thesassymermaid 101 says:

love jay

Hi “анонимный” ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ says:

Live Like Jay.

ozzman1997 says:

How do these things not wash away everything close to the water and/or smash an unfortunate surfer into the coastline?

syn707 says:

Santa Cruz????????????????????  I think NOT! Its just about a mile north in Half Moon Bay….FIX IT!!  lol

Aspie Otaku says:

Damn those be 50 footers!

lvargas91559 says:

I need to study 

ApplyMagic says:

i will never finish my homework

alex jaines says:

I took some bad wipeouts there…


off the coast of HALF MOON BAY not Santa Cruz, get it right network A

Maddex says:

This is harder than shitting without nippels!

The_Official_Brainiac says:

Live like jay

BetterThn U says:

is it normal to drop in on others at mavericks or?…

Daryl C says:

Pac Wave bitches

ian mrsexierthanyou says:

Nazare? Those waves are just big and powerless. If you want to see real waves check out Pipeline or Teahupoo. Fanatic.

chiphotoguy says:

ain't off the coast of Santa Cruz either, it's an hour north of Santa Cruz. It's Half Moon Bay.

TheBeofox says:

1:08, that board looks like Jay's

MrGoodkat says:


Shedz Channel says:

you sir….swallow your boyfriends willy!


You sir. Are a fucking dumb ass mother fucker.

Mychael Hamner says:

East Los Surf Co.

Justin Buck says:

Love the below comments, good to see the English language working so well for so few !!

BlueSeaWendy says:

Would have been great except for all of the people burning eveyone, especially the stand up crutch surfer. WTF?

maya hymai says:

0:47 what a kook

HawkeHurricane says:

and the priority rules?? O_O

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