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surfing like a king…omg


Marife Garcia says:


Brandt Howard says:

I didn’t know kings surf lol

Lorenzo Ribeiro Albuquerque says:


Yessica Valde santo says:

Fr Vcdhvdvvfv que no se puede e
Kflwglvnn fvpe lo gklflñsñfbcondi

vlogger bicolano outdoor says:


Gail Cross says:

Too biggest wave undersea because people love surfing 🏄‍♀️ 🌊

O Desenfreado says:

Um dos tubos mais bonitos que já vi

analiza flores says:

Wow! Cool surfing! Great surfing

5th Paradise says:

My war plays

Nicola Lagatta says:


Sigmund Freud says:

"Oooooooohhhhooooooooohhhhhhh, ENCULÉÉÉÉ"

m m says:

But where the other people's gone

carlos cervantes says:

Eso se ve un poquitin peligroso

Хинами Атсуши says:

У него что, ноги привязаны?

Just Shan says:

Green room wave is awesome.

Himanshi Khurana says:


AdrenalineXS says:

when u realise u are superhuman and then u end up shit 😂

Smina Shibu says:


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